This Lip Primer Makes Any Liquid Lipstick More Comfortable, So Stop Complaining

Make your liquid lipstick feel less drying without compromising longevity.
Publish date:
October 25, 2016
Ciaté, liquid lipstick, Lip Primer

Can one of you give me a hand? I need help getting up on this soapbox.

Thank you.

Now that I'm up here, I have something to say.

I know that some of you aren't going to like this, but, when it comes to liquid lipsticks, I would rather have a product that looks amazing and stays all day, even if that means it's a bit drying than something that's more comfortable but might rub off or fade.

This might be a little bit of my own insecurities showing themselves here, but if I'm going to be the guy in a lipstick, it has to look perfect at all times. That's why, when it comes to lip color, liquids are all I wear. I want the color to not only look amazing, but stay right where I put it without me having to check my reflection in my iPhone screen all night to make sure it hasn't budged. I want my look to seem effortless at all times, even though — believe me — there's a lot of effort.

I'd rather have dry lips at the end of the night than smudged lips or fading lips throughout the night. And if I'm being honest, I've never come across a liquid that has dried me out all that much, and I've tried them all. But, I get that all of our bodies are different.

That's not to say that all liquids are drying. Now more than ever, there are new liquids that look as good as they feel. What I mean is, I don't want to have to be tied to just one or two brands when I'm picking out a liquid. It's 2016 — what's the point of that? I want it all.

Which is why, when Ciaté Magic Pout Potion Matte Plumping Lip Primer showed up at my door, I was curious.

It's a liquid lip primer that promises to plump lips while moisturizing and create a base for liquid lipstick that prevents feathering while prolonging wear.

"Hmmm," you say.

I was skeptical, too. But I knew that you, dear reader, might be interested in the product if it actually worked. And who do I do this for? You.

So, out the gate, let me say that I didn't notice any plumping, but that's fine because that's not what I was interested in anyway. I mean, have you seen my bottom lip? On the other hand, there was no annoying/scary burn that you usually experience from lip plumping products. You know what I'm talking about.

But the priming — let's talk about that.

"BUT TYNAN," you will say, "can't you just prime your lips with a lip balm before you apply the liquid lipstick?"

Yes, you can, but, depending on the product you use, it may prevent the lipstick from actually drying down all the way, which defeats the purpose of using a liquid in the first place. Most balms are formulated with oils, and oils are the enemy of liquid lipsticks. That's why your liquid lipstick will stay put through sex but not through pizza.

I've tried it a number of times, and even when the balm is applied and blotted off, it's still not as good as applying the lipstick to dry lips.

The Magic Pout Potion is very creamy. I applied a bit of it to my bottom lip and spread it around, and in about 30 seconds, it dried down.

This is how I knew I had potentially found a winner. All of the other lip primers I've worn have stayed moist on the lips, like a lip balm. I find this always messes with the lip product I'm applying over the top of it, whether its a liquid or stick lipstick. Those will either mix with the lip product, changing the color and wear, or, again, preventing the color from drying down.

This dried to a velvety, grippy finish. It felt promising. Just don't wear it alone. It's just pigmented enough to make your lips a shade or two lighter and make you look kind of dead.

Then I applied one of my favorite lipsticks over it, Kapow by ColourPop.

I made sure to use a ColourPop Ultra Matte not only because I love them, but because, almost more than any other, I always hear about how drying they apparently are. The feel of the Ultra Mattes has never bothered me, but the difference was noticeable when worn over the primer. The Magic Pout Potion made a soft, flexible base for the liquid to sit on top of, without adding a thick layer of product for the liquid to mix with. I was actually surprised by how comfortable both products were on my lips.

I wore the primer with liquid lipsticks a few times over the week that I tested it out and I didn't line my lips at all because I wanted to see if it really prevented feathering and cracking — and it did! I found that it made the product feel more flexible on my lips as well, which I'm always hyper-aware of. Some liquids can dry down and feel tight on the lips, and even if they don't crack, they can feel like they're going to. This eliminated that feeling altogether.

I know the primer didn't change the formula of the liquid lipstick, but it really did make it feel like I was wearing a different product.

The only change I noticed was that the primer slowed down the application of the liquid lipstick a bit, as it makes the lips velvety to cling to the liquid. You don't end up using more product; you just have to be aware that it's gonna take a bit more than the normal speedy swipe to get your lips fully covered.

I'm a firm believer that you should prime everything: face, lids, hair. Whatever you're putting on, chances are, you should be putting something under it. I've always thought lip primers were kind of a joke, until now. This one, however, really works with both your body and your lipstick to make it incredibly comfortable while extending its wear.

Let's fight about liquid lipsticks in the comments. I could talk about them for days.