If I Can't Be Christina Hendricks, I Can At Least Wear Her Favorite Blush

The Mad Men actress looks gorgeous in Make Up For Ever's cool pink cream blush, and I don't look too shabby in it myself.
Publish date:
April 2, 2014
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My 12-year-old niece, Elyssa, is obsessed with Mila Kunis. Last time I visited, she made me look at what I'm assuming is every photo ever taken of the soon-to-be Mrs. Kelso, which are taking up more space on her iPhone than music. She wants to look like her, act like her, be her.

I find myself rolling my eyes when she goes off on Mila rants, but I have to stop myself mid-roll (which kind of hurts--try it) because, first of all, she's 12 and 12-year-olds obsess over celebrities, and secondly, I'm a hypocrite.

While I don't carry around JPGs of her, I would absolutely love to wake up and discover I have somehow become Christina Hendricks. I think she's the most beautiful woman on TV, and I don't even watch Mad Men. (Except for that one time Hannah was staying at my apartment and made me watch an episode in which Joan wasn't even prominently featured. How inconsiderate!)

My fondness for Ms. Hendricks is fueled not only by her undeniable beauty, our shared love of tall, shaggy dudes and my assumption that she's talented, but her inspiring "Yep, I have huge boobs, and I am totally gonna wear them as an accessory, like, most of the time #sorrynotsorry" spirit. She's the only A-list actress I can think of from whom I could conceivably borrow clothing. She is my soul titster.

(Side note: When I told Anne-Marie that I'd be saying "soul titster" in this article, she started belting this.)

But red hair is a pain to maintain, my research has yet to unearth what foundation garments she prefers, and I haven't met my own Prince Arend, so instead of going full-blown Single White Female, I'm just going to start wearing her favorite new blush.

In the photo above, makeup artist Vanessa Scali used Make Up For Ever HD Blush in shade #210. It's a cool pink that I'd probably never pick up for myself--I tend to prefer warmer, peachier colors--but it really warms up super-fair skin like hers... and, you know, mine.

In addition to the shade, the texture of this cream blush really surprised me as well. It's much lighter and silkier than many other cream blushes, but without venturing into greasy territory.

The result is a super-blendable, buildable color that doesn't look chalky or splotchy.

I may never have the big, blue, wide-set eyes and Zac-Posen-packed closet of my favorite celebrity, but I can sure as hell have the same rosy cheeks! OK, not the bone structure, but you know what I mean.