Your New Favorite Red Lipstick: Chosungah 22 Jet Lip Tatt in Red

It’s a marker-tipped pen, and even though I hate that kind of tip for eye makeup, I love it for lipstick.
Publish date:
August 12, 2016
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I got the best advice a few days ago from my friend Clare, after telling her I thought I scared everyone in the office by putting away a truly terrifying amount of dumplings:

“Dumplings are barely one bite. Any lunch should be at least 25 bites.”

So, bearing in mind that I had eaten more than 12 and less than 25 spicy-sauced, crispy-fried vegetable dumplings, I was pretty damn surprised that my lipstick was still firmly in place. Any time I try to wear lipstick while eating (even Kat Von D’s liquid lipsticks), I end up with lipstick on my chin or lipstick on my nose or all of my lipstick worn away EXCEPT the outsides, so it looks like I decided to line my lips and call it a day.

This is the part where you ask me what lipstick it was, and I have to hedge a little bit and use the same technicality Marci did last week: it’s not a lipstick, per se, but a lip tint. But it’s great, so it doesn’t really matter, right, friends?

Anyways, it’s Chosungah 22 Jet Lip Tatt in Red, and it’s your new favorite red... lip tint.

Another beauty editor friend had given it to me while cleaning out their stash (I KNOW — it’s like I cheated on Marci! It’s OK, I told her I would write this article as an apology), along with a cushion foundation from the same brand.

It’s a marker-tipped pen, and even though I hate that kind of tip for eye makeup, I love it for lipstick, since it makes it so easy to draw myself a super-sharp cupid’s bow. One pass gives you a sheer, I-just-made-out-a-lot tint, two passes gives you a solid, true red, and three passes brings the color into vamp territory.

Speaking of making out: the formula is a little thin and watery — definitely a true tint that sinks into your lips (and therefore can stain any dry patches darker than the rest of your lips — be warned!). It’s really, really transfer proof while still feeling like bare lips (am I the only person that hates that tacky/crusty feeling from liquid lipsticks?).

I haven’t tested it out through a make-out session just yet, but I’ll let you know when I do. I can say for sure that, a few days after the dumplings, I split a rib-eye with a friend, and it lasted through that plus a round of french fries + beef-fat bordelaise and churros. Success!

Oh, and by the way, guys, as for right now, Your New Favorite Red Lipstick is going to serve as your Open Thread, so feel free to talk about things other than red lipstick.