$2 Eye Shadow With Major Color Payoff

These eye shadow pans are AMAZING. There are just two small cons.

When I heard about Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow Pans via YouTube and Instagram, I snatched up a few of their $2 offerings. You read that right, $2!

When makeup is that cheap, I approach it with major skepticism. You get what you pay for, right? WRONG! Of the eight shades that I ordered, there was only one that I was disappointed in--shade ES43, a deep matte green. I found it to be dry and light on pigment.



As you can see from the swatches, all of the shadows (save for the matte green) apply smoothly and with full pigmentation. In the above, I ran my finger down the pan once and then swiped the color on the back of my hand.


The texture is super soft, which makes blending a dream (and you know I love to blend). I seriously just kept staring at the swatches and thinking, How are these only $2? They have a huge variety of shades and finishes, and the quality seems consistent across the board (I tried the shimmer, matte, frost, and velvet finishes), which is hard to find in eye shadows.


Don’t just take my word for it, though. Here are a couple of looks where you can see the products in action.

In the top two squares I used ES75 on the lid, ES45 in the crease, and ES64 to blend it all out, from the crease up to just below the brow bone. I added a little bit of Milani Bella Eyes in White to the brow bone for a highlight. On the bottom two squares I used ES5 on the lid, with ES47 tapped onto just the center, ES48 in the crease, and ES64 to transition again. I used ES49 wet as liner on the top, and ES43 as a bottom liner.


Because these shadows are so cheap, the $8 shipping is kind of a waste. They do have other offerings like palettes, brushes, blush, and concealer, so if you have a decent size order the shipping cost won't be such a pain. My other complaint is that the website's product photos and descriptions are awful. The photos don’t look anything like the actual product. The easiest workaround is to hunt the web for swatches of the colors you like.

Overall though, for the quality of what I got at the price that I got it, the extra swatch Googling was worth it.

  • Have you heard of or tried Morphe Brushes Eye Shadow before?
  • What are your favorite cheap yet high quality eye shadow brands?