Charlotte Tilbury Makeup For Vamps And Rebels

In which I put the British makeup artist's new makeup line to the test and turn a pimple into a beauty mark.

I’ll admit, I’m still a bit of a sheltered n00b when it comes to "it" people. Well-known British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury didn't pass through my brain's crosshairs until this year, when her makeup tutorials, videos (she's a fast but candid talker with a sassy accent), and interviews popped up on my news feed.

Those who've followed her career know that Tilbury has caressed the faces of Kate Moss and Cara Delevingne and pretty much has every major fashion glossy on her resume. So it makes perfect sense that she should have her own makeup line, one which we Yanks can get our hands on this month.

This lucky NYer was able to get a sneaky peek at the line. Let me tell you, it does not disappoint. In what I perceive to be a high-fashion concept (or clever marketing strategy), the collection is comprised of individual items and mini-sets to create 10 signature looks.

Personally, I’m more of an à la carte kind of girl, but for the sake of respecting the merchandising I’m trying my hand at two of her looks, The Vintage Vamp and The Rebel. But I will not be using the exact product recommendaitons in the mini-sets, because: REBEL.

The Vintage Vamp

Each of the eye palettes feature four shades for four clockwork purposes: Prime, Enhance, Smoke, and Pop (clockwise from top left). For a vampy vintage look, I followed thusly, using a fluffy shadow brush to prime my entire eyelid up to the brow bones with the lightest shade, Prime, in the Vintage Vamp Palette ($52).

Then, with a smudger brush, I brushed the Enhance color onto my crease in a crescent shape and extended it outward.

Again, with a firm smudger brush, I used the Smoke color to "smoke out" (hehe) my upper and lower lash lines.

I lined my top lid with the Rock 'N' Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil ($26) in Barbarella Brown. It feels a little weird attempting a slight cat-eye flick with a pencil--especially one that isn’t needle sharp--but the formula is part smudgy pencil, part smooth liquid liner. It comes out graphically opaque and stays put, unless you want it smudged--which I do. I went over with more of the Smoke shade to create a softer line.

Now for mascara and eyebrows--very important! Charlotte’s Full Fat Lashes Mascara ($29) has a waxy-smooth formula and applies like a dream. The spaced-out bristles on the nylon brush are actually pretty handy for separation, and they make targeting lower lashes rather easy. I brushed the Pop color, a chunky gold shadow, in the corners of my eyes because that is where eyes pop best, I am told.

When I think of vintage vamps I think of Gatsby dames who live for partying in rich, reclusive dudes’ McMansions on Long island, so I dotted the Rock 'N' Kohl pencil on a zit I'd picked at earlier that had scabbed to turn it into a coquettish beauty mark.

I swiped my brush with a generous amount of Cheek-to-Chic Blush ($40) in Sex On Fire (LOL) under my cheekbones for a sexy, “I’ve got the vapors!” flush.

A modest rosy lip comes in the form of Charlotte’s Stoned Rose K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick ($32).

And look: it’s like I’m a wistful librarian with a moonlight penchant for saucy dancing and Champagne cocktails. Literate and lusty!

The Rebel

Ah, yes, the rebel. I would say that’s SO ME, but here I am on a Saturday night in NYC writing about makeup rather than attending a flapper-themed dance party in my neighborhood. OK, so I rebel against weekend social expectations; rebellion is rebellion, no matter how lazy.

Being that the concept of the vaguely instructive makeup palette is also named "The Rebel," I thought it perfectly apt NOT to follow the guidelines. So I dove right in, applying the Smoke shade all over my eyelid and into the crease.

Then I brushed the Pop color all over that for glimmer depth--a golden-green that adds dimension when layered over a darker color. I smudged the Enhance color on my lower lash line, also blending outward into the soft V that I had happening.

To complete my reptilian bedroom eyes, I used the black Rock 'N' Kohl Liquid Eye Pencil to line my waterline and top lid, dragging the line into my inner corners (for a "feline look," as Tilbury says) and winging it out dramatically. I highlighted my inner corners with the pale Champagne Pop color.

Because I’m SUCH A REBEL I did a bold eye AND a bold lip. Tilbury’s lipstick in So Marilyn is a bright, cool-toned red that provides an intense contrast to my olive skin. I’m used to warm reds, since they tend to be more complimentary, but when seeking attention I might switch it up.

These looks aren't necessarily Charlotte Tilbury-sanctioned, but the rock-and-roll natured woman herself would probably forgive me.

All in all, the line is beautifully packaged and the products wear really well. If you’re looking to treat yourself, or are just a Tilbury fangirl, you won’t be disappointed with any of these picks. I’d definitely spring for the mascara and the liquid pencil liner, both of which are "face-ics," aka makeup I use almost daily. But if you’re living la dolce vita you could go Veruca Salt and buy them all.

Are you planning on making any Charlotte Tilbury makeup purchases? What other makeup artist collections do you love? Better question: what makeup artists do you love?