Put Down The Eyeliner: A Cat Eye Look With Just Eyeshadow

I never feel like cat-eye liner looks right on me, so this is my compromise: a shape inspired by the cat eye, but done completely with eyeshadow.
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August 23, 2013
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The fun thing about makeup is you get to experiment. You get to play around with shapes and colours, essentially transforming your face with each brush stroke.

I don't actually look like this on a day to day basis (or maybe even ever--flash is my BFF). Lately, I've been doing these makeup tutorials in the evening, and then grudgingly washing my face to get the last bits of mascara off before my date with bed.

I'll happily play around with my makeup box with nowhere to go in particular, watching YouTube tutorials, trying to see what works and what doesn't on my face.

What doesn't, you ask? The cat-eye. Unless I'm changing my eye shape completely, it just doesn't work on me.

I haven't quite found a shape I like, and whenever I'm finished I always feel like I look like a little girl who got carried away with her mom's makeup.

This look is my sort of compromise: a shape inspired by the cat eye, but done completely with eyeshadow. Truth be told, I am still not completely sold on the look (on me), but I think it could look beautiful on those who are cat-eye fans to begin with, who want to try something a bit different.

Let's get started.

First, I started with Clinque All About Shadow Duo in Ivory Bisque/Bronze Satin. I used the lighter shade (a shimmery dark ivory) and swept it on my lids up to the crease.

I then applied the darker shade (a shimmery bronze/brown) on top of it, stopping at just above the crease.

Using an angled brush, I applied Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Creep (a sparkly, blueish black) on the outer corner of my eye, in a sort of sideways "v" shape.

I continued to fill in the "v" with Creep, making sure to blend. I also extended the top of the "v" slightly, going towards the centre of my eye. I used a white liner to sort of clean up my lines (sorry, I lied, this look does use eyeliner, but this part is optional anyway).

Blend away any harsh lines. A Q-tip is great for blending in the white. I also applied Urban Decay's Virgin (a pale nude, shimmery ivory) in the inner corners of my eye, and along the brow bone. Add a coat of mascara and you're done.

I kept the rest of the face quite simple. I used a light dusting of coral-toned blush and lined my lips with Urban Decay Super Saturated Lip Colour in Glinda, and topped it off with Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in La Ravissante (a mom hand-me-down; the perks of having a beauty-obsessed mother). It's a beautiful natural coral, which reads a bit pink on my lips; this is definitely amplified with Glinda underneath.

I love the way these Chanel lipsticks feel: creamy and super-pigmented, without emphasizing any imperfections. Most lipsticks I wear require layers upon layers of lip balm and exfoliating before looking decent on my mouth (Flakey Lips McGee), so this small luxury is appreciated.

Set everything with loose powder.

Anyway, maybe one day I'll find a cat eye I'll love. Until then, I'll keep experimenting and sharing the results with you.

Are you a fan of the cat eye or are you puppy eye all the way? Would you try this look out? Let me know in the comments!