Does This Little Washing Machine Really Clean Your Makeup Brushes for You? Find Out in This Video!

The Brush Pearl claims to clean your makeup brushes ultrasonically, so I decided to put it to the test.
Publish date:
January 5, 2016
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Raise your hands if you dread cleaning your makeup brushes. I actually don't mind it (I find it oddly soothing once I'm doing it) but I still put it off for days, and then weeks, because I always seem to have something better to do.

Well, what if there was a device that promised to do all the dirty work for you?

I'm talking about the Brush Pearl ($99,, which is basically a mini washing machine for your dirty makeup brushes.

In fact, I'm literally talking about it — as in, I made a video demonstrating the Brush Pearl in action.

Curious to see how (and if) it works? Me, too. Let's do this.

A short recap of the pros and cons of this device, for those of you unable to watch the video (or for people who like pros-and-cons lists):

The pros: I like the cleanser, which smells very strongly of almonds, but not in a bad way. I know it's an effective cleanser because I used it to finish cleaning my brushes by hand after making the video. The Brush Pearl itself is very easy to set up and use. I also like the ability to turn it on and go do something else while my brushes are being cleaned.

The cons: It was a little tricky to insert the brushes, and more importantly, it didn't seem able to remove all the liquid foundation from my brushes, even after 13 minutes of washing and a three-minute rinse cycle. Perhaps this device works better for people who use brushes sparingly or only for powder.

The final verdict: I'm going to keep washing my brushes by hand for the best results, but if your brushes don't get very dirty and you like the "set it and forget it" aspect, then this might work well for you.

  • Do you like cleaning your makeup brushes or do you want a device to do it for you?
  • Would you try the Brush Pearl?
  • Who wants more videos? Any requests for my next topic?

Video by Josh Kirby