Drugstore Brush-On Fiber Lashes That'll Make You Toss Your Falsies

The two-part drugstore fiber mascara you've been waiting for is finally here.
Publish date:
February 27, 2015
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I honestly can't remember the last time I left home without mascara on. To me, it's as essential as a bra; if I'm not wearing it, I can tell. If I could only chose one cosmetic product to wear for the rest of my life (what kind of sick dystopian world am I imagining here, folks?) mascara would always win.

That said, I consider myself somewhat of an arbiter of mascara. I probably have at least 25 tubes dispersed throughout my home (who wants in on a beauty writer Easter egg hunt?), and I'm the first one to jump on the opportunity to review the next breakout product.

Which leads me to the next breakout product: Physician's Formula Instant Lash Extension Kit, a fiber mascara that promises "DIY life changing results at-home" and "ultra glam lashes in just two minutes."

I know what you're thinking. Those are some pretty bold claims. In fact, the packaging reads like a Tim and Eric infomercial with a WARNING! checklist that includes "Serious Lash Envy," "DIY Lash Extension Addiction," and "Random Compliments From Strangers."

You know what had to be done: a review.

Application Process

This is a two-part system that includes a tube of mascara and a tube of fibers. You've probably seen the Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara pop up on your social media feeds. This is the same idea, only it's available at the drugstore for $14.95, which is awesome.

Step 1: Apply Mascara

I applied a single coat of the mascara to the eye on the left. This is akin to the results you'd have with most mascaras. The brush is thick and the product is thick, as well. It applied smoothly and evenly, though I personally prefer a slightly smaller brush.

Step 2: Apply Fibers

Applying the fibers is simple enough. Simply tap the wand to remove excess fibers and then apply to your lashes the same way you'd apply mascara. You can see a pretty big difference after applying the fibers.

Step 3: Apply Another Coat of Mascara

Finally, apply another coat of mascara on top to seal the fibers in. You can keep going to build up intensity if you'd like.

The results are pretty dramatic, don't you think? Comparable to falsies, even, which I only pull out on very special occasions.

Now that we're at the end of this article, I should probably confess to you that I was pretty skeptical about fiber lashes in general. I've seen them applied really poorly, resulting in that weird, clumpy spidery mess which is no bueno.

However, I think with a deft hand and thoughtful application (aka don't go crazy throwing fibers around), you can create some serious va-va-voom in a matter of minutes. I did find that the product clumped slightly, but I ran a lash brush through my lashes to help separate them and all was well. In terms of longevity, the product lasted through the night and I did not experience flaking.

So let's go through this checklist:

  • Did these lashes change my life? Probably not, but that's OK.
  • Did these lashes take two minutes to apply? Yes.
  • Was I on the receiving end of serious lash envy? I hope so.
  • Am I addicted to lash extensions now? I think it's going to take more than one hit, but it's possible I'm on my way.
  • Did I get random compliments from strangers? I actually did get a comment on my lashes the day I wore this, so yes!
  • Do I prefer these over falsies? Actually, yes.
  • Did I see enhanced lashes instantly? Definitely.
  • Have you ever tried fiber lash extensions? If so, what was the product and what were your thoughts?
  • Is this a product you'd wear everyday, or just on special days?