5 Vivid Lip Looks To Brighten Up Even The Crappiest Day

My new rainbow mouth has inspired joy into my life.
Publish date:
July 4, 2013
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It’s not quite summer yet in London. We’ve had approximately two days which could be considered warm enough to be seasonally appropriate, and the rest of the time it’s rainy and, most depressingly, GREY. The skies are GREY. It’s like all the light has been sucked out of the world and I am living in The Twilight Zone or something right now.

But I am so productive at looking at ways to make myself feel better these days, and I have come to realize that luminously coloured makeup is the way forward for my spiritual wellbeing. These are the sort of top tips that a lifetime of therapy has bestowed upon me. Whilst you might think that this is just an article on brightly coloured lipgloss, it is actually an incredibly wise insight into how to change your life and your mood.

I am kind of not joking here. Writing this has been insanely jolly; I have felt like a little girl playing dress-up, and my new rainbow mouth has inspired joy into my life.


This is one of my favourites. One of my closest friends is devoted to blue lipstick and I am always pretty jealous of how rad she looks all the time. No longer must I live in envy: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in RX has proven my salvation. I don’t know how I haven’t been besotted with these already--this article has shown me just how amazing they are.

They have a ridiculously good range of high-pigmented lipglosses that apply incredibly liquid-y and dry to a glossy but fairly impenetrable finish. They also come with cute little lipbrushes to apply the gloss, which is pretty handy because when you are using bright colours, you really need a perfect shape.

You just squeeze some droplets onto the brush and paint it on your mouth and let it dry for a minute or so. I had multiple cigarettes and a cup of coffee and my mouth still looked rad (and so did the rim of my coffee cup and my ashtray).


This was also pretty amazing. I used MAC’s Process Magenta Chromagraphic Pencil to line my lips and provide a sustaining base for their Full Fuchsia lipstick.

When I use non-matte lipsticks, I always try and use a pencil underneath because it keeps up durability and, like I mentioned, I smoke pretty much constantly, so my mouth is quite high maintenance. I gently, gently feather lines from my cupid’s bow outwards, following my lip line (I don’t buy that you can ever make your lips look better by drawing outside your lipline) and then filling in. I then painted on Full Fuchsia straight from the tube, because I was feeling wild and free.

I then did something really rad and tapped MAC’s Neo-Orange Pigment over the centre of my mouth so that I had two-tone lips, and poured on copious quantities of MAC Lipglass (the best clear high-shine lipgloss you will ever find). The Lipglass mixed with the pigment powder on my lips, giving me a super-neon highlight to the centre of my mouth which made my lips look full and pouty whilst simultaneously luminous.


I went to an all-girls day school up until I was 18, and we wore bright purple uniforms. It kind of ruined purple for me as a colour, but this has restored my love for it.

Again, this is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Hoochie with some Lipglass smeared over it for hyper-shine. I completely and utterly adore this and it doesn’t involve my new infatuation with colour-blending that makes for a slightly arduous touchup. So: easy, cute and neon. Perfect.


This isn’t exactly rocking the boat of my lip colours, what with neon pink being a fairly common occurrence in my mouth-painting routine. I just love a Barbie face sometimes, in the same way that sometimes I just love her crazy Barbie body that flies in the face of feminism and the female ability to menstruate.

I have a thousand neon pink lipsticks. This one is pretty sick though: a Lip Tar base in Anime with Illamasqua’s Indulge Intense Lipgloss over the top, to lighten and brighten it to neon-y completion. I feel so Miami that I might go and buy a fake tan mitt and escape from smoggy London.


Finally, my crowning jewel probably doesn’t fit the neon theme, but it is so good that I couldn’t leave it out.

I remembered Alle did an amazing post on ombre lips a while ago, so when I applied MAC’s Blue Lipmix, I was inspired. By the way, the Lipmix range is amazing; I have started using it in a variety of colours, and it is like paint for your mouth but doesn’t dry out your lips and is wonderfully long-lasting as far as high-pigment lip colours go. They have non-crazy colours, too, and some great reds.

So, I painted Blue Lipmix on and then tapped a little pile of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Loose Colour in Foxfire (which is a beautiful, shimmery sea green) and patted it on through the centre of my mouth, pressing it in with my fingertips. This combination of semi-shine and matte powder is super catwalk right now, and I always feel really left out but, guys, I have worked out how to incorporate it into this totally wearable daytime look! The result is this shimmery two-tone combo which I am probably going to have to start wearing to breakfast meetings.

Finally, I couldn’t do yellow. I just couldn’t work out how to make it work. I’ma keep trying, though, because I just can’t believe that there isn’t one combination of yellow lipsticks and paints in the world that won’t make me look like I have severe jaundice.

I also want to add a caveat to this post: if you are gonna do this, which I hope you all are, do as little to the rest of your face as you can. I started trying exciting lip colours after a night out, when my eyes were all kohl-ed and smoky, and I looked hideous. I mean, hideous.

So, do you love brightly coloured lips? Do you hate them? Am I falling into a rabbit hole of crazy and is nobody ever going to invest in me as a businesswoman ever again if I turn up with mer-lips? Would you? Do you have any recommendations?