Bridesmaid Beauty: Two Looks For When Your Makeup Hasn't Been Dictated To You

I'm the maid of honor in my BFF's wedding this weekend, and I'm thinking of doing one of these two looks. Which would you pick?

One of my closest friends in the world, Robbie, is getting married this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited. I love her so much, and I also love going to weddings. This is a real win-win situation for me.

Here in the Deep South, we do weddings real big, and Robbie's will be no exception. As maid of honor, it's my job to look as good as possible. I guess it's also my job to help the bride out and be generally of use throughout the wedding, but let's talk about my face first.

Wedding makeup can be tricky, especially when the event is outside like this one. We're talking April in Mississippi, so I need makeup that can withstand the heat but also look great in photos.

When planning bridesmaid makeup, it's important to keep the bride's taste in mind. While Robbie always appreciates a bold look (the girl pulls off blue eyeshadow like no other), her wedding is not the time for me to get too crazy with colors, glitter, or other attention-grabbing details. This is her day, and I'm thrilled to be a small part of it.

I've been brainstorming how I will wear my makeup this weekend, and I've come up with a couple of different ideas.

This first look is a bit more dramatic, but still subtle and classy.

I wanted to start with a clean, matte base. To achieve this, I used Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser as a primer. I was skeptical about this product's claims to blur my pores. I don't find my pores large or gross, but I wondered, could they be even better?

The answer is yes, they could be better. Look at this before and after!

You can tell my pores are "blurred," and my complexion overall has a softer, less shiny tone. It's important to use just the tiniest bit of this product.

After that, I shmeared some Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream all over my mug.

For the eyes, I wanted a look that was dramatic but easy. Ideally, I won't spend too much time on my face before the wedding because I want lots of time to help my bride BFF get into her dress. (Which is, by the way, probably the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen in my life.)

I used Tarte's eyeshadow Shimmering Bronze to cover my entire mobile lid, and blended it slightly up towards my brow for a look that's noticeable when my eyes are both open and closed.

After that, I finished my eyes up with some L'Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara and brushed some Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Deep Rose on the apples of my cheeks.

I lined my lips with Revlon ColorStay Liner for Lips in Red and then filled them in with OCC Lip Tar in NSFW for bold, classic Hollywood red lips.

This is a hot look that's perfect for hitting on groomsmen, but it isn't obnoxiously show-stealing.

This next look is a bit more natural-looking and perfect for a daytime, low-key wedding.

I wanted my face to be a bit more glowy than matte, so I mixed my CC Cream with some Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Radiance. I often wear this primer on its own for some sheer coverage, since it gives my face some color and gleam without making it too shiny or oily.

I used Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow in Electric Blue to draw a cat eye across my upper lids. This blue is almost exactly the color of my bridesmaid dress, and I love a good matchy-matchy look sometimes.

Then I used a Q-tip to smudge the flicks just a little bit to give it a softer look, and I applied some mascara.

For my cheeks, I applied a bit of Benefit Lollitint, a cute, shimmery candy pink.

For my lips, I used Rimmel Show Off Lip Laquer in Celestial, which is my official lip gloss of Summer 2014. It's the perfect shade of pretty pink and is long wearing and moisturizing at the same time. The only downside is that it's called "Show Off Lip Lacquer" here in the US, but it's called "Apocalips" in the UK. Why do they get all the fun stuff? I vote we go back to England owning the US if it means we get cosmetics with better names.

Besides looking pretty, the most important part about my best friend's wedding is my best friend. I'm so happy for her, and I can't wait to be a part of her big day.

Have y'all ever been in a friend or relative's wedding before, and what advice do you have for me? Which look should I go with? Show me photos of weddings because I am cheesy and I live for that kind of stuff!