I'm Breaking Out of My Blush Comfort Zone with Colors That Aren't Pinky-Red, For Once

All except three of my blushes were collecting dust.
Publish date:
June 20, 2016
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Ever since I wrote that Kimmy Schmidt tutorial — and honestly probably even before then — I've been in a blush rut.

I guess it's not really a bad thing at the end of the day; I liked a look and continued to wear it pretty much every day. But I've got a pretty extensive makeup collection, and all except three of my blushes were collecting dust.

I was stuck hard in this pinky-red blush phase. These are all different enough, I guess, but still, it was becoming a lot of the whole same-old-same-old.

The three blushes I've been kickin' it with are ColourPop Super Shock Cheek in Never Been Kissed, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush and Tarte 12 Hour Amazonian Clay Blush in Natural Beauty.

I'd been applying all of them in the same way as my Kimmy tutorial (just way, way less).

To mix things up a little, here are the blushes I've been putting into my rotation.

Barely-There Blushes

I've never been one for nude-y, dusky rose blushes. I just never thought that they worked particularly well with my coloring. But now the almost-blush-but-not-quite group holds a special place in my heart since my skin has really decided to join in the fun and celebrate Acne Awareness Month.

Makeup Geek Heart Throb (above) is a light coral that checks the boxes for enough color to liven up the face without emphasizing any redness or acne.

I also had a revelation that cool-toned colors or just straight-up purples can help with the look alive but not at my acne makeup routine. Makeup Geek Love Letter has enough pink to keep it from being a boring mauve, and MAC Full of Joy is so light and airy that you can use it as a blush/highlighter combo.

All of these are blushes I turn to on particularly bad skin days. I apply them further back on my cheeks and blend up over my cheekbones where I don't really get acne.

Orange Blush

You can't keep me off of that bold blush train, and I'm putting away the reds in favor of orange. This NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Orange is holy cow don't eff it up pigmented.

I like to apply this with a stippling brush to pick up just enough product to get an even look without going too overboard. The stippling brush also helps with blending because you need to be careful with this much orange pigment not to end up looking like a Donald Trump impersonator.

Shimmering Blushes

I NEVER in a million years thought I could pull off a shimmer blush with The Oiliest Skin Of All Time. But I rooted though my makeup stash and sniffed out my once beloved Dior Diorskin Shimmer Powder in Rose Diamond.

This was my first ever (literally ever in respects to all the shopping I've ever done) treat yo' self product. It is a beauty to behold — I'm not going to lie — and you can pick and choose just how pink you want to go, from a nearly-white highlighter to a medium-toned pink.

For a smaller splurge, I also like Makeup Geek Romance, which is a coral pink with a golden shimmer.

I apply these shimmering blushes not unlike the barely-there blushes; keeping the shimmer away from the center of my face, which shows the most oil, helps to keep the look balanced.

  • What blush colors do you lean on?
  • Do you have a blush in your collection you've been ignoring lately?
  • What color are you too nervous to try?