The Edward Cullen Of K-Pop Is My New Beauty Muse

Boy band star Jo Youngmin is the epitome of androgynous vampire cool.
Publish date:
January 19, 2015
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I’m starting to feel like xoVain’s resident "weird beauty" girl. Though my everyday look is pretty chill, I'm drawn to slightly unnerving, creepy beauty.

That, combined with my love for Korean beauty, is how I landed on today's tutorial: an androgynous vampire look inspired by K-pop boy band star Jo Youngmin.

My formerly obsessed with K-pop cousin, Ally, was the one who ID’d this look for me, indicating that boys in K-pop bands definitely err on the side of drama when it comes to makeup, especially in their music videos. Flawless skin and heavy eye shadow are not uncommon, which is cool because I’m into it.

Here's how I got the look:

First, I put in some Vassen Jewel brown circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. You’re meant to put your lenses in before applying makeup to prevent contamination--just in case you miss and get some mascara on those suckers by mistake.

Then I applied OCC Tint: Tinted Moisturizer all over my face and dabbed concealer, liberally, on my under-eyes.

Using Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette, I swept Naked2 all over my lids, extending the color to just beneath the brow bone. I used a mixture of Crave and Faint to fill in my brows.

I then added Faint to the outer corners and Venus to the inner ones.

I applied black pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line and also along my waterline, brushing more of Faint below the lash line. My lashes were left bare.

I then used my favorite contour, Urban Decay's Buck, along the sides of my nose, under my cheekbones, and along my jaw lines. These vampires are chiseled, yo.

On my lips, I used YSL Rouge Volupte in 7 Lingerie Pink, leaving a bit of my natural lip in the center bare.

To take things next level, I put my hair up and pinned the ends of my ponytail to make faux bangs.

I’m too much of a baby to wear this outside, but I’m always down for pretending to be a vampire K-pop star at home.

  • Do you like androgynous makeup looks?
  • Are you a K-pop boy band fan? Who are your faves?