My Fall Beauty Secret Is Boots And Buns

And, as always, I'm giving something awesome away.
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September 27, 2013
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OMG weather is happening! I feel cold discomfort during my morning commute and then nothing but pleasant throughout the day! This is Fall and that means it's time for boots.

I don't know if it's the seasons changing and our skin flaking and sallow-ing, but recently I've constantly been getting questions like "Annnieeee how should I wear my makeup? What lipstick do you love right now? How do I look pretty when I'm sick?" The answer is simple, and brings us back to boots. Boots. Boots are the answer.

Because, you see, even when you look like total garbage, or don't feel cool or pretty enough, if you're wearing a sick pair of boots nobody will even notice that you have a torso or head. It's all about the calf and shin region, so find some nice boots.

I'm in the "don't feel pretty enough" phase, but only because I haven't managed to find time to bathe or properly apply makeup in the past few days. And I feel like the world is playing some sort of cruel joke on me while I'm trying to do this cleanse- we had snacks during the staff meeting for the first time ever, Kristin Booker brought cookies yesterday, and then my evil MOTHER sent banana and pumpkin and short bread in an attempt to sabotage me and my career a la Joan Crawford.

Then I was forced to go to a show last night at this rad bar that reminded me of my favorite bars in Austin but better (Lone Wolf), and drink copious amounts of alcohol chased with tamales and tacos! Oh and guess who I met? Mr. Andy Animal himself from that way fun party weekend in Woodstock! He said he read and loved the article, how neat-o is that?!

Speaking of music stuff, I thought you guys might enjoy salon music video fantasy land:

Yay for bonnet dryers! Never, though, would I rinse with André. I guess that's the same logic as a beer rinse?

I also invented a super okay way to disguise split ends: just tie them up in little buns.

Wow so this post has been all over the place, let's wrap things up by congratulating young Julia on winning that Omega-packed supplement stuff. You're going to have the best hair/skin/nails, everybody's gonna be so peanut butter & jeally!

Selfie your boots or your face, be over 18 and in the U.S. and you could win a set of three colored mascaras from brow gangster goddess Anatasia of Beverly Hills!

You can use them to test out last week's Look To Try. Or get real weird and use them in your hair!