OPEN THREAD: Nothing To Sneeze At

The cold I've had this week inspired me to step outside of my usual makeup boundaries.
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October 9, 2015
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I would never hope my boyfriend had the flu. That would be a terrible thing a terrible person wishes for. But when I brought him a green tea with honey after my hair appointment last Friday and saw the miserable state he was in—coughing, headache, congestion, general wanting-to-die-ness—part of me thought, Well, if it's the flu and not a cold, maybe I won't catch it since I got my flu shot a couple weeks ago.

It wasn't the flu.

And this has been me all week:

Before I even had more than a little scratchiness in my throat, I knew I had a cold because I woke up significantly more puffy-faced than usual. I just looked congested. A few hours later, my nostrils got the memo and started playing everyone's favorite game with each other, You Drip Uncontrollably While I Remain Completely Blocked.

I don't know about you, but I just don't feel pretty when I have a cold. Luckily, I can currently work from home when I feel like it, so I didn't really leave the apartment much this week other than walking my dog makeup-free. But when He Who Bestowed This Snotty Curse Upon Me offered to make me his mom's chicken soup recipe a couple nights ago, I decided to do a full face of makeup—and then some.

I don't know what came over me. I normally don't wear bold eyeshadow—I typically just wear a neutral, light color on my mobile lid—but I grabbed one of the most colorful drugstore eyeshadow quads I had and applied the shades on the lid sections as instructed on the back of the package: a tan shade on the mobile lid, a shimmery off-white on the brow bone, a rust orange in the crease, and a dark teal in the outer corners. Orange! Teal!

It was such a change from my normal eye makeup that I actually texted my boyfriend before I saw him to tell him that cold medicine might have compromised my makeup judgment, just to warn him that I looked... different. And he admitted when he saw me, "Yeah, that's more eyeshadow than usual," followed by, "You look pretty." And then he dropped the subject because he's the best.

I actually kind of enjoyed the eye-makeup adventurousness the cold gave me, and I hope it lasts once the snot fountain is gone, which I'm thinking will be this weekend. I'm going apple-picking tomorrow, and I can't imagine a more appropriate orchard makeup look than Tamara's latest LOTW, amirite? (OK, maybe not.)

  • Do you get the dreaded puffy face when you have a cold? How do you tone it down?
  • Do you ever get more adventurous with your makeup when you're sick?
  • Anyone else already get a fall cold?
  • What else is on your mind this weekend?