Bold Nude Lips, Monochromatic Makeup: The Trend You HAVE To Try

I busted out of my bright-makeup comfort zone and created two neutral looks that are anything but boring.
Publish date:
November 12, 2013
Revlon, nude lips, nude lipsticks, monochrome

You know by now that I am a big Revlon fan. Pretty much since I started writing here, I’ve been telling you that Revlon’s lip products are the CHAMPIONS of the drugstore game, no matter what you need.

So when Revlon came a-calling to yours truly to see if I’d write about some of their stuff, it was a legit “OH MY GOD DANNY DEVITO I LOVE YOUR WORK” type of situation.

Because I see a couple of you ready to take my ethics to task here: I have always said that I’ll never write about anything given to me for free unless it’s something that I would be willing to spend my own money on. And I am totally cool passing on ANY project if the products aren’t up to my standards. You guys trust me, and I'm not about to repay that by lying to you.

Fortunately, Revlon’s makeup game is seriously fantastic. Here’s what arrived on my doorstep bright and early one Monday morning:

And here was the challenge I was set:

“Make nude lips look bold while doing monochromatic nude makeup.”


My usual look is quite colourful--bright cheeks, bright lips--so this challenge was actually A CHALLENGE. All nude-neutral everything is basically the opposite of what I usually do! But that also makes it really exciting and fun...sometimes having some boundaries makes you way more creative.

I came up with two looks:

And here’s how I created them.


I started by prepping my skin the same way I always do: BB Cream, concealer under my eyes and on any spots, followed by powder.

Revlon sent me the PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette in Neutral, and I was excited to try it out.

First I used the top blush shade (shade #1) on the apples of my cheeks and blended it back along my cheekbones.

This was a colour I wouldn’t normally think to wear, married as I am to my hot pinks, and I was pleasantly surprised. It’s almost-but-not-quite an apricot colour, without getting too orange, even on my light skin. It’s also matte--ZERO shimmer or glitter--which is something I respect in a blush, and I know a lot of you guys do, too.

Then I used the highlighter (shade #3) overtop of the blush for a subtle shimmer. You know I am all about that!

This gave me a slightly golden glow without being overly sparkly or imparting TOO much additional colour that would compete with the blush. It reminded me of a slightly fluffier-textured NARS Albatross.

Here’s how it looked in the end!


I used the Revlon Colorstay 16 Hour Eye Shadow palette in Brazen to create an appropriately Autumnal eye makeup look.

I started by putting the pale gold (shade #1) all over my eye, from lashline to browbone. It’s a light, slightly shimmery colour, and almost an EXACT dupe of a discontinued MAC shade that I'm in love with (Dreammaker).

Next, I took the light copper (shade #3) and applied it all over my mobile lid up to the crease. As always, if you don’t have a visible crease, lightly press around the top of your eye until you feel the bone where your skull dips in to form your eye socket. That’s where you should take it to.

Now, take the very darkest shade and run a little of it under your eye like eyeliner, and about 3/4 of the way along your top lashline. Blend it so that there are no hard lines, but not so much that it gets all muddy into the copper. This dark brown has a tiny bit of sparkle in it, and it blended really, really well without losing too much colour.

Curl your lashes, apply your favourite mascara, define your brows however you like, and your peepers are done!

Aside from liking the colours, I found the formula of these shadows really easy to work with. They’re pigmented but blend well, and have a nice balance of shimmery but not TOO shiny. I can also report that during my day-long roadtest, the colour held up well and didn’t get super-creasy during the six hours that I wore them. Thumbs up.


Nude lips aren’t boring lips. I used Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in Super Natural over my bare lips for a slightly pink, very glossy (but not sticky! I hate that!) my-lips-but-better colour.

Here’s how it looked.

Out of everything they sent, I like this gloss the best.

Here’s the finished look!

I’m really happy with this. It’s a light look, fun but wearable on an every day basis. When I was done taking these pictures I went out and ran some errands, and I knew that I looked well pulled-together and pretty without being BORING.

It’s really different for me, but I like it!

Now let’s get to LOOK #2!


After prepping my skin with BB, concealer and powder, I used the PhotoReady Sculpting Blush Palette in Neutral again to enhance my lovely cheekbones. Here’s the picture and swatches again so that you won’t have to keep scrolling up to see what colour I’m taking about.

I started by applying the dark contour shade (#2) underneath my cheekbone. This shade is impressive--at first I was worried that it would be too dark for me, but after some blending (always important!), it was perfect.

Then I applied the blush (shade #1) along my cheekbone and slightly in to the apples of my cheeks. I made sure to blend it into the contour shade so that I didn’t look like I had parallel racing stripes on my face.

Finally, I applied the highlighter (shade #3) on top of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose. This highlighter, even though it’s sheer, managed to cover up ALL the freckles on my nose. That isn’t a bad thing, but it was a surprise, so I decided I’d mention it.

And then I was done! Softly contoured cheekbones good enough to get you invited to ANY zygoma-polishing party.

I am also really into this highlighter shade. How great would this be with bronzer in summer?


I decided to go a little more dramatic with the eyes this time, because what good is a whole bunch of awesome colours in an eyeshadow palette if you don’t use them?

Here are the swatches and a numbered picture again, so you don’t have to scroll up to see what colours I’m talking about.

Okay. Like before, apply the pale gold (shade #1) all over your eye--lashline to brow.

Next, apply the shimmery copper-brown (shade #2) all over your mobile lid up to the crease (or the bone, whichever you use as your reference). Blend well.

Now, enhance your crease with the darkest brown shade. Run it all the way across to the outer corner of your eye, then hook it up with your upper lashline in whatever shape you like the best. Because I'm me, it ended up in a cat-shape. I think it's just something about my face that makes me look vaguely feline.

Blend really well so that you don’t have any harsh lines. You can add a little bit more of the dark brown and blend it inward to get a cool ombre-brown effect on your lid. Breakdown of that particular technique here.

Now take the pretty bright copper (shade #3) and run it underneath your lower lashline. Add a thin line of black pencil liner afterwards--don’t worry if it gets a little smudged, that makes it look even better, like a sexy pirate--and you’ve got a pretty, but unexpected eyeliner look.

I also applied world’s thinnest line of liquid liner along my top lashline to really bring everything together, curled my lashes, applied mascara and tended to my brows.

Hooray! All done!


This was a cool one. I used Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Nude Attitude, which really gave me PERFECTLY nude lips without making me look sick.

So often lipstick in a similar colour to your skin can look sallow or scary, but this is a warm colour with a tiny hint of shimmer--it made me think of a golden peach. It also went on very smoothly and felt very comfortable on my lips. That's a win on all levels.

Here’s how it looked on.

And here’s the entire look!

With pulled-back hair, this is the perfect way to wear monochromatic makeup out at night. I’d definitely wear this with a great dress on a date. Nude lips are totally sexy when deployed correctly!

And there you have it! Nude lips = totally bold and beautiful, and when combined with lovely monochromatic eye makeup, you can end up with looks that are as fun and fantastic as you are. Who says neutrals are boring?

So what do you think--did I meet the challenge? What are your favourite neutrals? Can I count leopard print as a neutral? How do you guys break out of YOUR makeup ruts?