These 3 Sparkly Holiday Looks Are Festive, But Not Cliched

Budget-friendly, shimmer-heavy party looks to take you through the next two weeks of parties.
Publish date:
December 21, 2015
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I thought it would be fun to come up with some holiday makeup ideas for those of you who have upcoming party plans for Christmas and New Year's Eve, but I wanted to do something outside the usual "red lipstick or smoky eye" box so many of us get stuck in during the holidays.

So here are three party-ready makeup looks that I think look festive in a fresh, unexpected way. The uniting factor? SHIMMER. SPARKLES. GLITTER!

Because nothing says "happy holidays" like getting glitter stuck to your eyeball.

Look #1: Shimmering Rose Gold

Rose gold might not be the first shade to jump to mind during the holidays, but it totally works.

For this look, I rounded up my glittery, rose-gold products. I had more than I thought, but I narrowed it down to my four favorites to use on my cheeks, lips, and eyes.

See how I did this look in more detail in the gallery below:

What I like about this look is that it's festive enough for any holiday party, but also glamorous enough for New Year's Eve. I also have to admit that I love the idea of doing an entire face of makeup in just rose-gold shades.

Look #2: Candy Cane Dipped in Glitter

I got the idea for this look because I used to love pink and green candy canes as a kid, but now Google images is telling me no such thing exists. Am I crazy?

Whatever. Pink and green make for a great color combo that's festive without being a holiday cliche like red and green. I also like that the eye makeup looks mostly green on my lids, but when I blink or look down — surprise! — more pink.

Check out the gallery for the step-by-step breakdown of this look:

Now I really want a candy cane.

Look #3: Red & Gold Glam

For this look, I started with the classic red lip and cat-eye combo and added a ton of sparkly gold to take things to the next level. If you like classic glam makeup but you want to take it up a notch for the holidays, I suggest trying this. It's fast and easy.

Steps and products included below!

So, those are my three holiday makeup looks, none of which I will be wearing because I plan on spending the holidays in my pajamas. Hopefully, some of you will adopt one of these makeup ideas and take it out into the wild.

  • Which of the three looks is your favorite? Will you try it?
  • Does anyone have their own holiday makeup plan in mind? Do share!
  • Did green and pink candy canes ever exist?