How To Wear Bold Eyeshadow On Your Inner Lid And Look Amazing Doing It

I thought this trend was definitely something I wouldn’t be able to pull off, but I decided to try it out anyway and see. The results were really surprising.
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January 31, 2014
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Even though it’s part of my job to keep up with makeup trends, my own makeup usually remains firmly in “uniform” territory. Cat eye, neutral shadow with lots of highlighting, bright cheeks, shimmer, cool-toned pink lips.

On one hand, this is great. I figured out long ago what works best on my own face, and I’ve got it down to an art.

On the other hand, it means that I don’t really take a lot of makeup risks. And that’s a pity, because I know there are a lot of styles that I could execute really well.

In the new year, I resolved to take more risks with my makeup look. And in the spirit of that, I decided to try out a VERY bold, VERY different makeup look.

I think we’ve all noticed that very bright eyeshadow has made a major resurgence in magazine editorials and on the red carpet lately, which rules--it makes me think that some of my beauty wishes for the new year might be coming true after all.

But more than that: I’ve also noticed that makeup artists and aficionados alike aren’t shying away from putting very bold colours on the inside corner of the upper eyelids. This is really interesting, because common wisdom dictates that this is a classic makeup “don’t.” Attention-getting or very dark colours on the inner corners of your eyes can make them look closer together, which is something we are generally meant to avoid.

My eyes are already rather close together, so I thought this trend was definitely something I wouldn’t be able to pull off with my own face. But I decided to try it out anyway and see.

The results were really surprising.

The first step was picking out the right colour for my inner eyelid corner. My eyes are about half-green (what’s up, heterochromia) and dark but vibrant greens in general look awesome on me, so that’s what I settled on. I mixed a dark green shadow from Medusa’s Makeup (Electro Green) with a lighter, very shimmery green (Lancome, Colour Design Infinite Eye shadow in Enduring Vert) blended on top for shine and dimension.

I’m going dramatic, but still wanted this look to be fairly wearable, so I decided to blend this brighter colour into a neutral on the outer corner of my upper lid. I chose Mugshot, a slightly pink-toned shimmery medium brown, from the Urban Decay Naked3 palette.

Application was really easy. All I did was apply the dark green to the inner corner of my eye up slightly past my crease so that you can see it while my eyes are open, tapping a light coat of Enduring Vert overtop…

...and blend it into the brown, making sure that they form an even arch across my eyelid.

When you’re doing two separate colours that meet in the middle, it’s easy to get them a little wonky and non-matching. Use care! You don’t want the inner corner to be higher than the outer, because this looks pretty obvious!

From here, I used a shimmer white shadow underneath my lower lashline from tear duct to the outer edge to offset the intensity of the upper lid.

Then I thought “Hey, why not take ALL THE RISKS AT ONCE?” and lined my lower waterline with black eyeliner--something I never, ever do. LORAC Front of the Line PRO is the very best for this because it really stays put, yet doesn’t look overpowering.

Then, using the same black liquid liner, I drew a very thin line from my tear duct to the outer corner of my eyelashes on top.

I applied some mascara and defined my brows with a light brown matte eyeshadow, and then I was all done!

But of course, the rest of my face would be jealous if I left it naked while my eyes get extra-beautiful. So I applied a bit of apricot blush to the apples of my cheeks and blended it up towards my temples, then applied shimmer powder overtop of the blush, down the bridge of my nose, on my forehead (which you can’t see for hair reasons) and a little on my chin.

For my lips, I used a light but bright pink lipstick (Fuchsia Shock from Too Faced), dabbing it overtop of some Rosebud Salve to make it a little more sheer.

Here's the final look.

I was all ready to tell you guys about how this isn’t my favourite look on me but it’s important to try new things, and then I went ahead and TOTALLY LOVED IT. Teachable moment! You can think you know everything about makeup and your own face, and then it can still surprise you!

Seriously, I could not have been any more surprised about loving this makeup look. But that’s what’s really fun about makeup, isn’t it? There’s always something new to learn, a new risk to take, a new way to wear something. Sometimes it’s really fun to break all the rules--who knows how it’s going to turn out?

How do you guys feel about bright shadow on the inner part of your eyelid? Is this something you’re going to try out or leave at home? Have you ever been really surprised by a makeup look you weren’t expecting to fall in love with?