Master The Bold Daytime Lip And You Will Master Your Life

Ideal for when you wake up too late to do anything but lipstick. (Also ideal if you are one of those magical people who never wakes up late but wants to look sassy nonetheless.)
Publish date:
May 23, 2013
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Someone at some point once told me that to be a classy lady, you either show your cleavage or you show your legs but never both. Or maybe I saw it in a film--it doesn’t sound like anything that anyone I know would say. Less is more, amirite?

Much as I object to this as a clothing philosophy, it stands pretty solid when you apply it to daytime makeup: pick your eyes or pick your lips and it’ll keep you looking fresh (not slutty fresh, dewdrops on roses fresh).

I am really into a statement lip. I feel like it allows me to pare back the rest of my makeup completely, which is ideal for the daytime, whilst adding some drama to my face.

As attested to by my life thus far, I love a bit of drama. Plus, I am currently single and one of the myriad bonuses of not having someone to make out with is that I can adorn my mouth as freely as I wish without looking like a mess after 15 minutes.

I often do work-related Skype meetings from home; obviously, I don’t bother getting dressed for these like a normal, functioning person. I put on a shirt and some lipstick and then sit under my duvet with my pyjama bottoms on. I have even set up a little corner of my room by my bed so that it looks vaguely professional but, from the chest down, is still super cozy.

This is ideal for those situations. Also, ideal for when you wake up too late to do anything else. Also, ideal for if you are one of those magical people who does not find themselves in these situations but wants to look sassy nonetheless.

So, for this, I applied an SPF 50 BB cream. I am pale as a sheet, so I am rigorous about my sun protection. It will come in handy if I ever start leaving the house during sunlight hours again, or if the sun ever makes its way back to London. Or both. If someone reading this is rich and gets off on power roleplay, please send me somewhere sunny. Please.

I then applied a little cream blush to the apples of my cheeks and, voila! That was all for my face. I am really into the idea of visible skin at the moment; I feel like matte, powdery skin is a bit dated and a dewy, natural finish is a lot more interesting.

I did my eyebrows the same as I always do, popped on a single coat of Eyeko mascara (combing my lashes thoroughly afterwards with an eyelash comb to ensure that they were only lightly coated) and there we have it: job done.

Now, onto my lips. I brushed my lips lightly with an old toothbrush to make sure that I had a smooth base to work with, and lightly dabbed on a little concealer to give me a base to work with.

I then carefully sketched on my base shade with lip pencil. Lip pencil is like the understated savior of beauty products; it prevents bleed, allows for a deeper colour, and keeps your lippie on way longer. Also, you can mix and match it with your lipsticks for infinite possibilities.

I used MAC Lip Pencil in Vino (the irony of my sobriety slays me in these situations), starting in the cupid bow at the top of my lip, gently following my lip line. I moved round and outlined the bottom, slightly evening out my wonky lip and gently (this is the key word here) filled in.

What makes it a little easier to get the perfect shape is if you relax your lips and press your tongue up against your inner lip, puffing it out a bit and therefore making the skin a little more taut. This gives you ultimate precision, which I feel is fairly important if it’s the only colour happening on your face and all attention is drawn to it.

I then grabbed a lip brush, and smushed it around on the top of MAC’s Diva and gently started applying layers of colour. The tip is, if you do this all slowly and gently, your lipstick will last about 10 years longer than just wiping a lipstick around your mouth.

I smoke a copious amount (my local newsagent has started telling me to cut back) as it is my solitary vice these days, and I swear, I can get through a pack without reapplication. Obviously if I am smoking a pack, I have more to worry about than my lipstick but whatevs. I pick my battles or something.

I have little to no faith in “long-wear” lipsticks, as they usually seem to compromise on an element that I am into in my lip colour. I have tried all the lip topcoats in the world and they have all turned my lips into shredded, chapped mush, which is neither sexy nor chic. And this kind of is.

Is it? IS IT? I AM ONLY WORTH THE SUM OF YOUR COMMENTS! Also: How do you keep your lipstick on your mouth and what’s your fave?