3 Unnaturally Cool Makeup Looks You Can Do Using Only Natural Beauty Brands

No flower crowns, no fig leaf loincloths — promise!
Publish date:
March 11, 2016
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Ah, natural beauty. The likes of Robin Wright Penn in The Princess Bride, Nathalie Emmanuelle on Game of Thrones, or maybe Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon come to mind.

Obviously, they are gorgeous, radiant "natural beauties," but honestly, why must natural beauty be relegated to looking like you're not necessarily wearing makeup? I'm all for natural beauty brands, but I want to have it all, and goddammit, I want all the color and texture that any near-toxic Halloween-grade cosmetic can offer. Good thing we live in a time where not only can we have it all, we are kind of supposed to! But without getting too weird about it, I will say that I'm glad to have recently discovered some really great natural beauty brands that offer makeup in awesomely vibrant shades and textures that allow me to paint myself up like an art-school dropout. Behold!

Hazy purple eyes and a sheer bitten red lip are the stuff of what I envision as "soft glam." Like the kind of makeup you'd see on the ingenue of a John Hughes film post-makeover where she was obviously a babe all along, but with the makeup and styling she's suddenly The Most Popular Girl In School.

After prepping my skin with Honest Beauty Everything Tinted Moisturizer in Nectar and spot-concealing under eyes and around my nose with the Concealer Duo in Balanced Beige, I brushed on Rituel De Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot in Half Light all over my eyelid and into the crease, while going in with Serprent De Mer to define my lash lines.

I swept Alima Pure Natural Definition Mascara onto my lashes to finish the eyes. Then I used Rituel De Fille Inner Glow Cream Blush in Spellbound for some cheek contour and topping off my lips with ILIA Beauty Lipstick in Femme Fatale for this deep earthy-glam look. 10/10 would wear this look to my next seance.

Green-themed beauty probably means something different to me than others. I automatically think "serpentine," while most people are probably thinking "environmentally friendly." Luckily for us all, this look is theoretically both.

I lined the waterlines of my eyes using ILIA Beauty Pure Eyeliner in Rebel Rebel. Then, with a dampened eyeliner brush, I used Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Shadow in Maya to define the inner corners of my eyes and their Pearluster Shadow in Cypress to create a long wing from the center outwards, blending the two. On goes Alima Pure's mascara for them lashes.

But look at this sick forest-green lip color called Chrysalis from Rituel De Fille! Not only is it this deeply pigmented, it's also pretty hydrating and creamy, so you're not left with a flaky green mouth. This is for sure a look that says, "Don't come near me... unless it's to talk about my makeup, in which case let's hang out!"

I used Rituel De Fille Ash and Ember Eye Soot in Obsidian to create this graphic line look. It's a deep black with a metallic slate-blue sheen. The texture of this stuff isn't quite a cream or a powder — it's a bit amorphous in that sense. It's almost like a soft yet flaky wax, so when you dip a firm eyeshadow brush into it, it clings to the bristles with only a little flaking. Regardless, you can create smooth, opaque lines and fill in with this stuff and it doesn't really budge. It's in it for the long haul, for sure, and the colors are all pretty magical.

Something to know about me: I never wear pink lipstick. Like ever. I just don't feel like me in it.


It has to be toughened up, weirded-out (and not like in a punk-lite off-the-rack Rebel Girl™ kind of way), or balanced with a grounding graphic eye. My aversions to hot pink lips notwithstanding, I actually quite like this shade from ILIA Beauty called Neon Angel, which is precisely how I'd describe this whole look.

My makeup approach generally prioritizes "things that work" over "things that look pretty but aren't the best," which is a reputation that many beauty brands claiming to be "all-natural" fall under for me. Even so, "natural" isn't a regulated term nor a regulated formula, so beware of marketing, kids. I'm newish to the cult of natural/organic beauty despite being elbows-deep in beauty most office hours. I do, however, really enjoy avoiding as many potential toxins and irritants as possible, so I'm making moves to become more enviro-conscious in my beauty choices.

  • Are you guys evangelists for natural beauty? I know you're out there. Mostly because you really love talking about it when it comes up — like right now!
  • What are other good natural makeup brands you guys are into? Acquaint me, please!