The 6 Best Blushes For People Who Can’t Blush

Just because it's not god-given doesn't mean it's not pretty!
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October 23, 2013
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I read A LOT of books in my childhood. I float better than I can swim, and I don’t know how ride a bicycle (in my defense, it was my brother’s fault. By the time I could have my training wheels off, it was his turn on the bike, and then I got bored and never got to it), but my god, did I read (and wrote and drew).

I would get upset when I read about princesses in faraway castles who blushed when they met their princes because I’ve never blushed before. I blamed it on the fact that I hadn't met my Prince Charming, but of course, now I know better. I do get flushed, when I work out or when I do other unmentionables, but it's not the pretty flush on the cheeks. It's a more all-over redness I can't control--not so princessy.

Luckily, for people like us who don’t get natural rosy hues on our cheeks, there’s always makeup. So, without further ado, these are my favorite shades of blush to make me look like I can actual blush.

Cream Blush #1: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks in Pale Pink #11

I’m a big fan of cream blushes. We’ve established how much I like to do things with my fingers, so it makes sense when this extends to when I do my makeup, too. I love using fingers to apply cream blushes because I feel like I have more control over how intense I want my cheeks to be.

One of my favorite cream blushes is one that Mari has written about previously. What I find amusing is that Mari uses the same shade as I do, even though we’re probably literally on opposite ends of foundation shades. Of course, it shows up as the faintest amount of color on my skin, but I love it. It's great when I have a strong lip, or bold eyes and I just want the teeniest hint of flush.

It has a wonderfully light consistency, and a little tub lasts a really, really long time. It gives me that dewy, girly flush that I am not naturally capable of. Sigh.

Cream Blush #2: Revlon Photoready in Flushed

A drugstore option for Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge, this Revlon stunner in hot pink may come off a little blah when you first swipe it on, but it’s extremely blendable, and you can build up the color easily.

If you have this product and you’re not quite convinced yet, try it with primer first. I know primer is supposed to be good before all products, but it’s pretty amazing what this does with a good base under it.

Also, it stays on forever.

Cream Blush #3: Face Atelier Facade in Livid

One more thing my BFF recommended to me, and I love it so, so much. Facade was my first foray into cream blushes several years ago and it continues to be one of my favorite cheek products today.

You don’t need a lot of it to get color, which is something that doesn’t come by very often when you have dark skin.

You can easily buff it down for the lightest hint of color, or build it up to create a more intense shade. This also works on the lips and it sets matte without powder, to a fresh, natural-looking finish.

Cream Blush #4: MAC Cremeblend Blush in Glamour Feast

This is a creamy, easy-to-blend, medium-coverage formula with a slightly luminous glow. Think post running-after-a-bus glow, as opposed to post-spin class glow. I put in on the morning before work and just as I got to the gym after work, I still had it on my cheeks, which speaks for its staying power because y’all already know I live in a sweat bubble disguised as a country.

Powder Blush #1: MAC Mineralize Blush in Gleeful

MAC Mineralize blushes have a touch of sorcery in them, which is fitting since it’s Halloween season. I’m convinced they collect stardust or fairy powder and put some in each pot, because THE SHIMMER.

This shade has been in my makeup collection since forever. It came out in 2008, or something close to that and I haven’t had a relationship with a blush as long term as I’ve had with Gleeful.

It looks like you’ve swiped liquid rose gold on your cheeks and it feels like that too, It’s the perfect amount of shimmer and color, and all you need is a little bit of it.

Powder Blush #2: MAC Mineralize Blush in Simmer

I bought Simmer after I was done crying my eyes out in an airport after having to leave my boyfriend behind in LA for the billionth time and I decided I deserved something pretty.

It is as pretty on the skin as it is on in the packaging. It gives me a healthy flush, with gold speckles, because who doesn't want gold on their pretty faces? It’s a pinkish coral shade with gold shimmer, and the red bits of the blush is extremely pigmented:

Aaaaand swatches:

Can you blush? What do you put on your cheeks to fake it till you make it?