LOTW: Glowing Skin and Multidimensional Blue Lips

I'm taking the focus off my eyes this week.
Publish date:
March 24, 2016
ombre lips, blue lipstick, #xoLOTW, glowy makeup, Minimal Eye Makeup

I love playing with different eye looks, but sometimes I like to go a little crazy with the lips as well. This week's Look of the Week is more skin- and lip-focused, with very minimal eye makeup.

With the skin done I moved on to lips. A while back Alle did an excellent tutorial on ombre lips, but I’m far too lazy for all of that, so I did an abridged version.

I applied a dark-blue lipstick all over my lips — I mixed MAC Lipmix in Blue and Black) with an angled liner brush (this brush helps with getting crisp edges). Then, I took my pinky and added a lighter blue (MAC Lipmix in Blue mixed with White) just to the center of my lips and blended it out with a clean eye brush.

Here are my favorite looks from last week:

Do you do ombre lips? What are your favorite hues to play with if you do? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Don’t forget to tag @xovain and #xoLOTW!