How To Wear Blue Eye Makeup And Red Lips Without The 'USA! USA!' Vibe

It's OK to be patriotic, but that's not what we're going for with this makeup look.
Publish date:
February 12, 2014
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Wearing blue eye shadow and red lipstick is like sleeping
with an ex-boyfriend.

It’s one of those things that everyone says not to do. You
tell yourself that it didn’t work out the first time and that it’s a thing of
the past. A been-there-done-that type of situation. Girlfriends say to stay away, and you do…for
the most part.

Sometimes curiosity strikes and everyone’s opinions go out
the door. Who's to say you shouldn’t put yourself out there?

So I took my electric blue liquid liner and red lipstick,
threw my hands in the air and said, “Screw it! I’m doing it!”

However, instead of blue eyeshadow, I wanted to modernize
the look and try a bold cat eye instead. It is
2014, after all.

I wanted to emphasize the eyes and lips, so I kept the rest
of the face a bit natural. For the skin, I used a moisturizer and a small amount of BB cream. I also skipped the blush and lightly brushed bronzer on the cheekbones.

On the eyes, I lightly used a shimmery off-white shadow all
over the lid and added a cobalt shadow on top for a sheer and
shimmery effect.

I then used NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme Blue to
create a heavy cat eye.

It comes with a small brush that dips into the blue tube,
but isn’t really the best brush to create a defined cat eye, so I opted for an
angled brush and used the small NYX wand to paint the product directly onto the
angled brush. I started on the outer corners and slowly built up the color.

With a black pencil liner, I heavily lined the waterline and
used my ring finger to smudge it a bit.

To finish off the eyes, I applied
several coats of black mascara only to the top lashes.

I wanted to keep the brows natural as well, so I brushed
them up with the residue on my mascara wand.

To accompany the dramatic, blue cat eye, I used a deep, glossy,
red lipstick by Bite in Tannin. It’s extremely hydrating and is also food-grade,
which means you have a snack with you at all times.

It’s actually my favorite lipstick at the moment. I bought
it for the sole reason that it tastes so
good on the lips. I’m definitely going back and buying it in other shades.

I guess you have to be a bit gutsy to try this look. For a
subtle approach, you can always pair a navy shadow or liner with a burgundy

And it feels good! So good even that I’m going to do it
again. I’d wear this out on a Saturday night or to a NYFW party. All of my NYFW
invitations got lost in the mail, though, so unfortunately I can’t be there.

But don’t you want to wear red lipstick with a blue cat eye all
of a sudden? Or is this look something you’ll never try?