Black-Owned Beauty Brand You Need to Know: IMAN Cosmetics

Publish date:
September 21, 2016
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Jackie Aina is a YouTube beauty vlogger that I have been totally obsessed with lately. Recently, Jackie challenged herself and other YouTubers to do a tutorial using only black-owned makeup brands. In looking in my collection, I realized that I could definitely expand my horizons when it comes to supporting black business in the beauty industry.

That thought gave way to the idea of trying out different black-owned beauty brands and sharing them with the xoVain community each month. First up: the well-established IMAN Cosmetics.

IMAN Cosmetics was founded by Somali-born model/entrepreneur Iman in 1994. One of the first beauty books I ever read/owned was​ Iman's The Beauty of Color. I pored over the pages of that book like I was going to find the meaning of life in there because it was one of the first times I had seen such attention paid to women of color in the beauty industry (and that was only 10 years ago, kids).

Iman's history in the industry as well as her personal experiences as a WOC are reflected well in the range of her cosmetics collection. Here are some of my favorite products by the brand:

Second to None Stick Foundation

I wish I had discovered this stick foundation before I wrote a round-up on stick foundations because this definitely would have been included. It has medium coverage with the ability to build to full, but it's a little bit drier than most stick foundations I've tried. That might sound like it would be a bad thing, but because I have such an oily T-zone, the slight dryness made it last longer on my face. It does take a little more effort to blend because of the texture, but not so much so that it's problematic.

Cover Cream

I don't usually do cream concealers because I find them a little hard to blend, but that wasn't the case with this one. It offers pretty full coverage, but it blends out nicely with a brush. It stays put pretty well under the eyes with just minimal creasing by about midday.

Luxury Blushing Powder

This blush is probably my favorite of all the IMAN products I tried. I like that one side is matte and one side is shimmery and that they are even slightly different in terms of shade. It allows you to create a little bit of dimension. These are well-pigmented, but not so much so that I feel like a clown. And they blend really well!

Perfect Eyeshadow Pencil

I like crayon or cream shadows because they are easy to apply and go. I have to be careful about what cream shadows I use though because I'm prone to eyelid creasing. This shadow pencil feels a bit tacky at first so I was concerned, but it held up well all day so I guess my concerns were unwarranted! I already ordered a few more shades of this because I think it applies easily and the pigmentation is really nice.

Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick

I'm a matte lip kind of gal, but I've been trying to embrace creamier formulas as of late. The shade Hot seems to have a little more slip to it than Paprika, so I had to layer it a little bit to reach full opacity. Both lipsticks were very comfortable as far as wear goes, but I did have to reapply after meals, as is the case with pretty much everything but matte liquid lipsticks on me.

There are some really gorgeous and vibrant shades available in these lipsticks so I definitely want to try some more out!

Overall, I was really pleased with what I tried from IMAN. From what I have seen, this brand is definitely worth trying out if you haven't already, especially because it's pretty affordable, too.

  • Have you tried IMAN Cosmetics before?
  • What other black-owned beauty brands are you loving?