The "Bitch I'm Madonna" Video is My New Source of Bold Beauty Inspiration

I'll be bookmarking this video for future makeup-look reference.
Publish date:
June 29, 2015
music videos, madonna, miley cyrus, Rita Ora, makeup inspiration

I don’t really have a lot of strong feelings about Madonna one way or the other (although I do prefer her tracks pre-2000s), but when she dropped her video for “Bitch I’m Madonna,” I have to say, I was impressed—not with the song itself, mind you, but with the variety of bold beauty choices that sprung to life from shot to shot.

I’ve been a fan in the last year of “non-standard” hair color. I’ve done bits of green, blue, gold, and purple so far, but I loved how deep and vibrant Madonna’s hot pink ends were. Definitely putting this in the running for my next hair color adventure.

Miley’s look in this video is definitely not practical for my everyday life, but I just can’t resist it for some reason. I’d definitely be down to give it a shot if I wanted to channel a “Pixie in Space” kind of vibe.

I’m no stranger to a bold lip/bold eye combo, but something about the vibrancy of Rita Ora’s makeup in this video was so on point. I would never think to pair that shocking shade of sky blue with such a punchy lip, but Rita makes it work!

Madonna’s dancers were bringing the beauty, too; I could probably spend all day watching the video (probably on mute) and find a new makeup look in the background to admire. I love the extra dark lip on this duo. It reads black, but something about it almost has a hint of deep emerald as well.

I’ve learned that even though I may not be into a particular song, I can still be inspired by looks showcased in music videos.

What are some of your favorite music video makeup moments? What’s your favorite from this video?