It’s My Birthday, And I’ll Do My Makeup However I Want

How dare Queen Elizabeth not invite me to her birthday parade?! Well, SHE'S not invited to MY party, which is basically a Nutella and makeup session.

Birthdays stress me out. It’s not so much about my inching closer to my eventual demise; it’s just that birthdays have too much emphasis on them.

I get stressed out over how old I'm turning, what I've yet to do in my life and what's yet to come. Of course, there's also the pressure of the day itself: what you’re planning to do, how old you’re turning--questions you don’t want to answer from people you don’t want to face.

It’s bad enough that the Queen throws a parade one week before my birthday every single year and overshadows whatever I have planned for myself.

So since I turned 22, I made sure I was traveling during my birthday. I called it my form of hedonism, while my mother called it my escapism.

Whatever it is, it was a good streak until circumstance (money and work commitments) has had me grounded on my birthday last year and this year. I’m not pleased about it, obviously. I’d rather be in my boyfriend’s arms in LA, or better, on some beach in Thailand; but growing up means having a wiser head on your shoulders.

So with no travel plans, a boyfriend half a world away and nobody to throw me a parade, I decided to spend time with things I love: namely, Nutella and makeup.

In that process of mucking around, I whipped up a new look that I'd actually wear out: a bronzy smoky eye and purple lips. I call it the “Since The Queen Didn’t Invite Me To Her Birthday Parade, I’m Going To Pretend I’m Queen Instead” look.


Remember my lazy smoky eye tutorial? That's basically one of the two eye makeup looks I usually bother with when I'm out. This time, I used a mix of Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo in Bad To The Bronze and Sleek MakeUp's i Divine palette in Au Naturel for an easy-peasy bronzed smoky eye.

I had Bobbi Brown's Creamy Concealer Kit under my eyes, and Lancome Hypnôse Doll Lashes mascara finished it off.


My motto since I was three: when in doubt, wear pink. It applies to my makeup, my clothes, even my knickers, so it goes without saying that I'm almost always sporting pink lipstick.

This time, I wanted to try something a little different without straying too far away from my favorite colors. So I tried Maybelline SuperStay 24 2-Step Color in Constantly Cabernet.

I set my makeup with Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Loose Powder in Basic Brown.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as nothing comes in between my bottle of Nutella and me, it's going to be an awesome birthday for sure.