I'm Recreating My 3 Favorite Looks From Beyoncé’s New Album Because I Don't Have Time To Do All Of Them

No, "XO" is not one of them.

It’s no secret that I
love Beyoncé
. I
openly invited my friends to mute me on their Facebook feeds because I
anticipated the string of Beyoncé posts that I would author following her
latest coup: dropping a self-titled album in the wee hours of last Friday morning
when she provided absolutely no clue, no promo, no utterance that this project
was even happening this year.

I have listened to the album non-stop, emailing
fellow Beyhive homies about revelations we discover with each listen. We. Are. Serious.

Objectively speaking (do you even trust me when I say
that?), the album is a thing of beauty. Because she’s getting into her southern roots a lot on this project, it
speaks to my Atlanta sensibilities (and by "sensibilities," I mean that bone that
gets me hype at a party). It is just such a departure from the Beyoncé we’ve
become used to. She’s rapping. She’s switching up her melodies. There’s very
little choreography. It’s just Bey being herself. It’s just. I can’t even.
It’s. I’m just… crazy in love with it. And I’m not ashamed.

Along with her foray into new sounds, Beyoncé has provided
some astounding visuals that accompany the album, including several standout
beauty looks. Three in particular caught
my eye.

My pedestrian capabilities can only attempt to capture her fabulosity,
but I’m doing it anyway dammit!

“Superpower ft. Frank

This track has a relaxed '50s doo-wop vibe to it, so her
choice to style the video like the second incarnation of “Bad” meets “Run the
World” makes sense, duh. It’s Beyoncé, so it works.

And fortunately for me,
her main getup is a style I’ve been rocking for the last week or so.
Great minds, obvi.

The star of the show is Bey’s eye makeup. Get into it! Well,
after applying your foundation and all that first.

Bey’s brows are a bit more natural and less defined here, so
I’m not going to get too heavy with the eyebrow shadow. Her arches, however,
are much higher than mine, so I achieve a higher arc on these
unthreaded/unwaxed brows with concealer.

I follow that by lightly filling in
my eyebrows with the black powder from my L’oreal Colour Riche eyeshadow quad.

After finishing my brows, I’m ready to move onto the main
attraction, that killer eyeliner!

I used a combination of a retractable pencil liner
(in Almay, black #205) and liquid liner (NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Extreme
Black #102). The lids are dark, so I use the pencil liner first and double over
that with liquid liner.

The edges of the shape are very fine, so I use the
liquid liner only at the creases. I apply the liquid liner only after applying
pencil liner to my top and lower lids.

It’s undetectable at first, but when you look closer at the
styling of Beyoncé’s liner, the cat eye is not filled in. So I didn’t draw my
pencil liner all the way to the edges in order to leave room for the liquid liner.

For the triangular cat eye, I brushed up along the crease from the bottom lid
and then brushed across the corner from the top lid so that it would meet the

To complete the look, I used the liquid liner and brush down
into the inner creases of each eye. I’m a fan of the NYX Studio Liquid Liner
because I feel like I’m more in control of the tip than others I’ve used in the


The video for "Haunted” is a gentle tribute to Madonna, who crafted the visuals for “Justify My Love” and “Erotica,” songs from which Beyoncé gained her inspiration.

One thing I’ve learned is to be prepared to
mix and match colors to get the right shade. For this look, I didn’t have a
metallic gray to match Bey’s look, so I applied the black eye shadow from a L’Oreal palette and a pale shimmery shadow over it from my Cover Girl Eye Enhancer
4-Kit Shadows in Prima Donna (#278).

The brows are a bit more defined here, so I followed my
standard eyebrow technique and filled in the brows more, and I extended the
tail a little further down than I did for the first look.

I used my pencil liner first for the top and bottom lid. Then
I played around with my two eyeshadow colors to achieve this shimmery dark

I don’t have access to my usual drugstores or Sephora since I’m
studying abroad, but a store called HEMA, which is like the Dutch equivalent of
Target, carries its own line of makeup. Again, I had to get creative. Their
dark lip colors didn’t have any berry undertones, so I first applied my bright
red Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lip Color in Hot (#305).
I followed that with a HEMA moisturizing lipstick (#13) and their Longer Lasting Lipgloss (#5).


Her look for this video is more subdued than any of the
others on the album.

I didn’t do anything differently with my brows; however, I
applied a mix of my pale shadow and a gold shadow from the Cover Girl Eye
Enhancers Shadows palette for the brow arches.

I downplayed the eyeliner by just applying a small amount of my Almay
pencil liner to the water line and top lid and a dab of the dark brown shadow.

Without a lip color similar to Beyonce’s light brown, I had
to get crafty. I used my concealer, Black Opal Total Coverage in Rich Caramel
#22, as a base for my lips and topped it with Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Tempting Toffee (#55)

I finished with a gold shadow from a L’Oreal quad for the cheeks.

There are many more looks where this came from, so if you
want to freshen up your make up a little, buy that album. Is there a logical connection between those
two points. No, there isn’t. Am I shamelessly plugging for Bey like I’m on her
payroll? Yes. Do I mean well? Of course.

Love you like XO! (That’s actually
from a Beyoncé lyric, guys. Do think she reads xoVain???)