I Made One Tiny Change to My Cat-Eye Technique and It Looks SO MUCH Better

No more of this inner-to-outer nonsense!
Publish date:
June 27, 2016
techniques, cat eyes, eyeliner, winged eyeliner, makeup application

Kim recently wrote an article about proper shadow blending that made me realize that I had some room to improve in that area. I’d always employed the standard windshield-wiper method of blending out my transition, but her demonstration of circular blending showed me that by making a tiny change to what I was already doing, I could improve my makeup game quite a bit.

That article got me thinking about other makeup application areas that I could stand to improve upon. One area in particular came to mind almost immediately: winged liner! After playing around a bit, I found that a couple of little tweaks in my liner routine made my cat eyes look a lot nicer.

Previously I had been drawing my liner across the upper lash line starting at the inner corner, and then I would press down on my liner brush as I dragged it up to do my wing. This method worked, but I often had to go in with a baby wipe or a Q-tip to clean up the edges of my wing because it would come out a bit wonky or too thick.

I discovered, however, that if I started by tracing my wing first and used a light flicking motion, my wings looked nicer and required less “fix it” time.

I line the angle of my brush up with my lower lash line, flick it upwards with a light hand, and then bring the line in about a third of the way on my upper lash line to create a triangle to be filled in with gel liner.

Once I've created my wing, I line the rest of my upper lash line, making the line thinner as it goes in towards my inner corner.

I'm happy to have found a new and, more importantly, better way of applying my eyeliner, and I'm looking forward to examining other areas that I can make some improvements on.

  • Have you discovered new ways to apply makeup better?
  • In what areas do you have the hardest time with application?