5 YouTube Beauty Channels To Binge Watch This Weekend

You were planning on wearing yoga pants all weekend, right?
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January 16, 2015
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My obsession with makeup started from a very young age, but it escalated to some next-level stuff when I discovered YouTube tutorials. Over the past couple of years my subscription list has become heavily saturated with beauty gurus, but there are a few favorites who I could sit and watch for hours. If you plan on staying in this weekend, here are my favorite YouTube personalities to binge watch.

1. Pixiwoo

London-based makeup artists and Real Techniques creators Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste are at the helm of one of my favorite YouTube channels. These sisters are an absolute delight to watch, because despite their prolific careers, their tone is very conversational. Their experience in the beauty field makes me trust their recommendations more because I know that they have worked with many different brands and products throughout their experience as makeup artists. I also love listening to their British accents.

2. Gossmakeupartist

Wayne Goss is another veteran makeup artist with his own YouTube channel (and line of brushes to boot). What I love about him is that he’s kind of snarky but in a way that is quite humorous, and he does not hold back if there is a product that he thinks is absolutely terrible. He definitely leans more toward high-end products, but he still gives props where props are due to lower-end brands. He also seems to have a genuine appreciation for making people look their best without looking overdone.

3. Emilynoel83

Emily is a former newscaster and it shows in her work. She is the YouTube star I go to first when I want really solid and concise opinions about new products; she's super thorough. If she says she has a dupe for something, you’d better believe it’s not just a color dupe, but also a duplicate in texture and quality. Her opinions are honest, well thought out, and clearly communicated, and I absolutely love that.

4. Manny Mua

This channel is relatively new on the YouTube scene (we’re talking only five or six months in) but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I have been inhaling every video on this channel lately (and his videos are kind of long) because Manny is just so full of energy and craziness that it’s like hanging out with one of my friends. In addition to being highly entertaining, I think he does makeup beautifully and I love to see the looks that he creates. If you are sensitive to bad language, skip this one because he has a potty mouth for sure.

5. KathleenLights

I’ve mentioned this lovely lady before as being a source of inspiration, and her channel is probably my favorite to watch. She’s one of those YouTube personalities that when you’re watching her videos, you feel like you’re just chilling in the house with a girlfriend, gushing over the latest beauty find. She’s very upfront in her reviews of products and she is excellent at applying makeup. My favorite part about her channel is that she has a “keeping it real” kind of attitude that is completely genuine. Also, she is obsessed with J-Lo and has an adorable Miami accent that makes her fun to listen to. Bonus!

Now there are plenty of other gurus that I like to watch on YouTube (Kandee Johnson, Tati, Jaclyn Hill), but the ones listed above are channels that I could sit and watch all day long with no problem.

  • What are your favorite YouTube beauty stars?
  • What’s your go-to channel for product recommendations?