Wine Red Makeup and Nail Polish to Match Every Variety of Grape

One of the best trends of the '90s is back, and it's delicious.

A good red can be extremely hard to find. But just because I prefer a non-pink orangey red for everyday doesn’t mean I don’t want to play other types of reds.

Trends are overrun with vintage themes these days, and it’s no skin off my nose if ‘90s makeup trends stick around. I was alive for all of it but not old enough to enjoy fully until the later years, and I remember that wine reds of every shade imaginable were massive during this era.

I don’t drink too much red wine these days; instead I get my red wine fix via makeup. Everything from purple-toned ports to dusty red zinfandels—makeup modeled off of fermented grapes looks great on everyone, if you can find your favorite.

One of the most fun ways to express a different red than you usually wear is on your nails. I am always staring at other people's gorgeous choice of red. There really is a shade for everyone!

After trying these five different colors, I liked them so much that I went two full weeks with all of the shades on my right hand. (Effs: I give none!) You can really see the difference when viewing them side-by-side. Individually, each one looks like it's own red, but when all viewed together they take on a range from burnt brick reds to eggplant purple reds.

My favorites were the Sonia Kashuk Spice It Up and the Nails Inc NailKale in Regents Mews; they stayed on really well and were both really opaque.

Chianti reds, to me, have an almost apricot lightness to them. The color (and wine) is strong but flattering on most skintones. I loved Urban Decay's gorgeous red blush "Quiver," especially paired with their Revolution Matte Lipstick in Temper (pictured above). It's warm and bright without being pink, like a glass of vino backlit by a candle.

The other Chianti reds that rocked my world were picks from Susan Posnick, L'Oréal, and Elizabeth Arden. Other than Temper from UD, I am a bit obsessed with L'Oréal's Eva Longoria. It's a beautiful matte brick red.

Cabernet differs from chianti in color as well as taste, but both are full-bodied reds. Cabernet has a depth and a golden hue, which translates beautifully into lipstick.

Go sheer (and affordable!) with Flower Beauty Lip Butter in Nice Bloom-ers or Sonia Kashuk Liquid Lip in Vintage Wine, or go shimmery with Susan Posnick's London or Arden's Rustic Red.

There's been heaps of articles coming out to discuss the rise in popularity of rosé wines, blaming it on the Hamptons and Instagram, but everyone who was alive in the '90s remembers the iconic white box of Franzia that most parents had on deck for adult gatherings, the true nexus.

Zinfandels are a dusty reddish color, sometimes pink, sometimes a warm blush nude. Here, my cheeks and lips have a much more subtle appeal with Wander's serum-infused Wanderess Cheek Tint in Dusty Rose and my pal VMV's Roustabout. Both remind me of those grandma-mauves that look weird in the tube and gorgeous on the face.

These four colors are all flattering and almost nude, but have a distinct warmth to them. I think this would be a great choice for people who want the nude look without that "I wore concealer on my lips" look. It's subdued and pretty without being drab and boring, and you have the option to go super-shiny with BITE or Sonia Kashuk or go hypoallergenic and matte with VMV.

I usually stay far away from pink-toned reds and used to lump violet reds in with them, but it's more fun to change it up! All of these reds have the same plum like color that merlot wine has. Maybelline Color Blur is one of the most fun lip products out right now, and Plum Please is a shade that I can't get enough of.

One red wine is so dark it's just about brown: port. It's a sweeter dessert wine with heavy raisin notes, and it leaves lips and glasses stained with a burgundy/brownish residue.

Get that cocoa finish with Arden's Matte Chocolate lippy or get extra Maleficent with Urban Decay's Blackmail. Both are fairy tale villain chic with heavy color payoff and a matte finish.

Testing multiple dark lipsticks can be a big challenge. Thanks to this awesome Twilight Lip Oil from Make Cosmetics, I was able to swipe it off in seconds. This made my testing process run so smoothly that I started taking off my lipstick with it at night before cleansing.

  • What's your favorite wine-colored lipstick?
  • What's your favorite WINE?

Photos: Maria Penaloza