The Best Way To Dry Your Makeup Brushes

Say hello to my little friend.

Cleaning your makeup brushes, while necessary, can be an oh-so-annoying chore. For me, the most tedious part is in the drying--my brushes take up all of my counter space! Enter the Benjabelle Daisy Brush Tree, which you can cop on Amazon for $20.

Benjabelle offers brush trees in multiple sizes to fit everything from your larger handled powder brushes to your skinnier eye brushes. I own around 25 to 30 makeup brushes, but I only use about half of them for personal application (the others are duplicates for my freelance kit).

The Daisy model works perfectly for me because it can hold 14 brushes--two large, four medium, eight small--which means I can wash all my brushes at once without worrying about taking up too much space. The tree comes in three pieces that connect together and can be collapsed for storage. It’s about the size of a Kindle when broken down.

The top portion of the tree houses multiple silicone grips in various sizes. Simply push the brushes through the bottom (handle side up) and leave them to dry.

Not only does this little wonder save you counter space, it saves your brushes from damage. By hanging brushes upside down you'll preserve their shape and avoid wetting the glue at the base of the brush--because who wants to deal with brush shedding, right?

  • How do you clean and dry your brushes?
  • Anyone have a cheap hack for hanging them to dry?