I Tested 70 Orange Lipsticks So You Don’t Have To (Unless You Want to for Some Reason)

A rainbow of oranges, lip products, brands and price points.

I've been collecting and testing orange lipsticks over the past couple of months. At first I thought it would be an easy project, but my modest heap of orange-hued lip products went from manageable to overwhelming real fast. My goal was to provide a really wide range of not only shades, but of brands, price points and types of lip products, as well.

To narrow down my stash of about 70 lip products, I first eliminated any color that didn't have enough orange. Some of the colors I chose to include here definitely lean more pink or red, but they still fall into the orange category. Next, I allowed myself to choose up to seven products per category — lipstick, liquids, and crayons — eliminating any duplicate brands in a singular category and providing a range of color and prices.

What you see in this list, then, is my final reduction. (Also, one important thing to note is that my lips are naturally pretty pink.)

Lip Gloss & Liquid Lipticks

Lip Crayons


I'm eager to hear your feedback on the colors, and curious to know if you have any favorite oranges that missed the list!