What Is This, Makeup for Ants?!

Nope, it's Stowaway, and I included a banana for scale.
Publish date:
June 27, 2016
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For the longest time, I felt compelled to carry giant purses filled Mary Poppins style until they were so heavy they were more cumbersome than practical. I contemplated downsizing for months, but kept talking myself out of it because I sort of enjoyed being the girl who always had 27 lipsticks, two books, an entire lunch and a lamp (OK, there was no lamp) with her at all times.

Fatefully, I received a tiny clutch from my boyfriend's mother during the holidays and I made the switch within a week. It felt like freedom, people, and I haven't looked back!

My primary point is that going smaller can be a big relief. My secondary point is that this miniature-sized makeup by Stowaway Cosmetics allows me to have my tiny purse and cosmetic necessities, too.

For those unfamiliar, Stowaway's' whole schtick is wee-sized makeup, and their stuff is really tiny. I mean, look at the size of that palette — it's the size of a credit card! And that eyeliner. And the lipstick! And everything else!

To be honest, I was somewhat skeptical about the brand before trying it. I feel like whenever something is kind of "gimmicky," it has a strong likelihood of not being high-quality. I was 100% wrong. I've been toting this stuff around and wearing it on the regular, and today I'm doing an entire look with it.

Let's start with the Radiant Complexion BB Cream ($22) and Creaseless Concealer ($16). I'm using the fair shade on top of a primer.

I like the concealer more than I like the BB cream, but both are easy to blend and provide nice, light coverage. It's not that the BB cream is subpar — it's just that I'm partial to my Korean BBs.

Goodness, am I a sucker for a cream blush! This Cheek & Lip Rouge ($15) is super-pigmented and you only need a very tiny amount for major color payoff. To me, it's more of a stain-like cream versus a thick, creamy creamy.

I wish it were easier to photograph blush, but you can see a slight flush on my upper cheekbones.

OK, so Stowaway is probably most noted for it's incredibly small Essential Eyes Palette ($22), which features a broad spectrum of eight complementary eyeshadows. This is the product I was most skeptical about, but the one that impressed me the most.

I highly recommend it to anyone who's always on the go and doesn't have the space for a giant palette. The shadows are silky and velvety. My only drawback is that there's a little fallout with the darker shades. With that said, all the colors blend magnificently and are flattering.

I'm also wearing the Effortless Eyeliner in Spice ($10), which is so tiny the packaging almost feels like it's made for fairies! However, the color is gorgeous, and I love that it'll never have to be sharpened.

This is the Extreme Lash Mascara ($12). It's not my favorite product by Stowaway, and I am partial to my current mascara staples (some of which are available as miniature trial sizes), but the formulation is light and easy to apply.

Finally, let's talk about some lip products. Here I'm wearing the Tinted Lip Gloss in Petal ($8), a sheer, creamy pink gloss that's easy to wear all day long. It's a little tricky to apply out of the tube without a brush, but it has a nice color payoff and feels silky and moisturizing on my lips.

Above I'm wearing Stowaway's Cream Lipstick in Raspberry ($15). This lipstick ties with my favorite product from the brand (the other is the palette) because the color is gorgeous and the formulation is a dream. One coat is all you need, the tiny size makes it easier to apply than regular lipstick, and I cannot believe the longevity factor. It survived a (*ahem* giant) bowl of cereal and a two-mile walk in 110 degree heat.

  • Have you tried anything from this brand?
  • And tell me: are you a GIANT purse or a LITTLE purse person?