Your New Favorite Red Lipstick: Maybelline Loaded Bold Lipstick in Smoking Red

What's in a red? A red by any other name would be the same color but also kind of not?
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July 29, 2016
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If, like me, your ears perk and your mouth waters at the mention of "a really good red lip color I just found," boy, have we got the goods for you! And yes, the headline would have you believe that I'm writing in the wrong amounts here, but make no mistake — if there's one thing all our contributors and commenters (and every other lipstick-wearing human I know) have a strong opinion on, it's red lipstick.

So since it would be overwhelming and require constant updating to just throw up an encyclopedia of all the red lipsticks in existence, and because today is hallowed American holiday National Lipstick Day, allow me to kick off our new series, Your New Favorite Red Lipstick. Every week, an xoVainer (starting with me) will tell you about a new red lipstick your life may or may not be complete without.

Because Maybelline is helping us celebrate NLD, we're kicking off this column with the new Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds (or Audacieux, if you want to parlez français about it) Lipstick in Smoking Red.

I'm not sure if the name is supposed to denote that it's "smokin' hot" or that it's a good lip color to smoke cigarettes in, but what I do know is that I am about a deep crimson red — one that makes you look classy and badass at the same time. One that looks like it knows what it's doing, like someone just shouted, "Is there a doctor in here?!" and this red shade just rolled up like, GET OUT OF THE WAY AND GIVE ME ROOM TO WORK!

I've owned a few Maybelline lipsticks from the matte and nude collections, and those are all well and good and fine lipstick. The Loaded Bolds are clearly their We're Not Fucking Around Anymore, You Guys collection. I felt this was true when I swiped on the Smoking Red color and said aloud, "Man, they're not fucking around anymore, are they?"

Short of eating and drinking, the color lasted quite a few hours. The texture is creamy but fairly light with a bit of a silicone-y slip, so if you wear it sans balm underneath, you're not going to want to chew your lips off from chapped-ness. The pigment also fills in every line but doesn't bleed over the edges like some highly pigmented lip colors are wont to do (well, on me, at least).

It's a a creamy semi-matte finish that you can make matte-matte with a little tissue blot and powder.

I mean, I can go on about "look at all the cool features this lipstick has!" but what it comes down to (for me, and probably for you if you are anything like me and already own over a dozen red lipsticks) is that it's new, it feels good, and it makes my lips look good.

I get all giddy-greedy when drugstore brands I like release some new-new that impresses because the idea of "collecting them all" is actually within reach (there is another brighter red in this collection, FYI).

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