Laura Mercier’s Eye Art Artist’s Palette is the Neutral Purple Palette of My Dreams

How did I not know this existed until now?!
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August 24, 2015
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I have a hoard of neutral palettes (more on that to come), but it seems like I have a tough time finding a palette that has good-quality purple shades. I had some good luck with the Tartelette Palette, but I wanted something with a little more finish variety as well.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Laura Mercier had released my dream palette nearly two years ago!

As far as size goes, the Eye Art Artist’s Palette is pretty standard—a bit shorter and thicker than some of my other palettes—and seems pretty sturdy. It's magnetized where it closes, so I don’t have to worry about my palette flinging open in my bag, but it’s not so intensely closed that you have to struggle to get it open. Seriously, I’ve smacked myself in the face trying to open a palette before).

It also has a pretty decent-sized mirror, which I like because trying to do your makeup up in a teeny-tiny palette mirror is no fun.

This palette has 12 shades that cover both warm- and cool-toned neutral to purple hues. I feel like with a lot of purple palettes the overall color scheme tends to skew cool, so it’s nice to have the option to take my look in either direction.

Even though some of these shades look really similar in the palette itself, they do actually read differently on the skin.

Another issue I usually have with palettes is inconsistency of pigmentation; often matte shades will be sub-par in comparison with their shimmery counterparts. *cue the party music* Not a problem with this palette!

All of the shadows were super-smooth, easy to blend, and not at all chalky. I also noticed that there wasn’t a ton of fallout, which means less clean-up to do before I apply my foundation. These seemed to stay on all day with eyeshadow primer (pretty standard for me) and lasted about six hours before creasing without. (Dang you oily lids!)

My review would not be complete without a look using the palette, of course, so here you go:

I'm super-impressed with this palette and can't wait to play around with more combinations!

  • What are your favorite purple-leaning palettes?
  • Anyone else loving this one?