Looking For a Neutral Eyeshadow Palette? These Are My Top 10!

I'm ranking my favorites so you can find the perfect one for yourself.

Eyeshadow palettes are probably my biggest beauty vice, and I have a variety of them to prove it. One thing I have an abundance of in my collection is neutral palettes.

A question I get asked a lot is which neutral palette is the best. What better way answer that query than by ranking my collection for you?

10. e.l.f. Studio Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $10

This palette is newer to my collection, so it hasn’t gotten much use, but it's a pretty decent product for the price. Ten mostly warm shadows for $10. I think some shades are definitely way better in pigmentation than others (see swatches below), and there is a bit more fallout than I would like, but overall, I think it would be a good palette for someone who is trying to get the hang of shadow and doesn’t want to shell out a lot of money.

This was another pretty good drugstore find! I like that there's a decent selection of colors in the palette and the shadows were very soft. A couple of the shades were not as pigmented as I’d like, but again, not a bad palette.

I do think 20 bucks for a drugstore palette is a bit much, but it’s another cheaper alternative if you don’t want to drop the dough on a more expensive option.

The quality of these shadows on whole is very good: great pigmentation, very smooth, and they blend very well. The Style Eye-Con collection has quite a few different shade range options as well. I didn’t care for the glittery shade, though, because I felt like I got a lot of glitter fall-out, which is the bane of my existence. And I think that for $59, there could be more shades/bigger pans. It’s definitely a great palette but I’ve found better for cheaper.

This palette is more singularly focused neutrals (rose gold) and absolutely beautiful. The pigmentation is very nice, and everything blends very well, but I do wish the mattes were a little less dry. They’re definitely not bad—just not as good as I’ve come to expect from LORAC. (I also don’t like that this palette is the same price as the Pro 1 and 2 palettes but has less color variety).

This palette is a fan favorite, and I can see why: well-pigmented shadows, nice shade selection, great blendability. I like this palette well enough, but something about it just doesn’t stand out that much for me. I reach for it on occasion, but not as much as I thought I would.

I think the quality of the MUFE Artist shadows is excellent. The texture is so smooth, it almost feels like a cream, and they are well pigmented. In addition to that, they blend like a dream.

I think the shades in this palette are really nice, but I wish there would have been a bigger variety of warm and cool colors. This palette is more cool-toned, and I just don’t think you can get as much versatility out of it as I would like. It is rather lovely, though!

This is another more singularly focused palette, but it is GORGEOUS! I love that all of the colors in this palette seem to be more cohesive with one another and that I can create a multitude of rose-toned looks with it. The pigmentation is great and these shadows are easy to work with and blend.

This cool-toned palette is definitely a gem. The color payout is great, the shadows blend smoothly, and I love that there's a good variety of colors. I also love that you get both matte and shimmer shades in abundance.

I don’t use this as much as I use the original PRO palette, but it would be perfect if I were in to more cool shades.

This is another more recent addition to my collection, but I LOVE it. I like the shade selection, and I love that this all-matte palette isn’t chalky or hard to blend. All of the shadows have great color payoff, and it's great for people who like a truly neutral look.

Surprise! NOT! You all know I love this palette because I sing its praises pretty much any chance I get. The shade selection is great, the finish variety is great, and I just think this is the perfect neutral palette.

When I freelance as a makeup artist, I turn to this palette first because it’s so versatile. I can use some of the darker shades as liner and I use some of the matte shades as brow powders as well.

What are your favorite neutral palettes? Do you have more drugstore suggestions? I always love finding cheaper alternatives as well!