Meet the Hydrating Lip Colors This Matte Lip Devotee is Living for This Summer

My lips needed a moisturizing break.

When I first started wearing makeup, I was a lip-balm/clear-gloss wearer without exception because I didn’t like the way any kind of lipstick felt on my lips. Eventually, I started wearing lipstick, and when I was introduced to the world of matte lips, I completely fell in love.

Although I throw in a different formula here and there, matte lips have been my go-to for a long time. Recently, however, I found three different formulas that are giving my favorite matte products a run for their money.

Captain Blankenship Rosy Red Lip Balm

I'd heard about Captain Blankenship from other xoVainers, so I put their lip balm down on my list of things to try. But I only just got around to checking it out about a month or so ago.

This lip balm is tinted naturally with beet root extract, and I love the super-subtle hint of red it gives my lips. The formula itself is pretty thin, but it’s full of moisturizing ingredients like almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. It also has peppermint oil, which gives my lips a refreshing little zing.

Lancôme Juicy Shaker

This lip oil is on the pricey side, but I think the formula is really interesting, and it feels unique to me. When I first apply the product it has quite a bit of slip to it, but once it’s on for a minute, it seems to sink into my lips a bit, leaving a more balm-like texture behind.

The color is quite sheer, but it can be built up a little. Part of the fun for me with this product is definitely the novelty of shaking it up like a cocktail shaker to combine the pigment with the oil. I also really love the cushion applicator because it just feels good on my lips and helps everything blend well as you’re applying.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick — Sheer

When I heard Urban Decay was replacing all of their lipsticks, I got a little stressed at first because the Sheer Revolution formula was my favorite. But I’m happy to report that in the shift to the new Vice lipsticks, they kept a sheer formula in the lineup, and some of my favorite colors (namely Rapture and F-Bomb) were still available.

I ended up with four shades of the Sheer formula, and they are my most reached for lipsticks this summer. I wouldn’t say the formulas are fully sheer, but they do have very light coverage. I also like the shape of these lipsticks better than the Revolution lipsticks because they are a more traditional lipstick shape and easier to apply.

What I love about these is that they feel more like a lip balm than a lipstick, and even though they are a creamier formula, the colors stay on pretty well.

  • Are you Team Matte Lip, or do you like more hydrating formulas?
  • What are your favorite tinted lip balms and moisturizing lip formulas?