7 Pairs of False Lashes I Wish I Could Permanently Glue to My Eyelids

These dramatic-yet-natural-looking false eyelashes will last you about 20 wears!
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May 17, 2016
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I've never been entirely happy with my lashes. I always wished they were super-full and long. Basically I just want my natural lashes to look like a nice pair false lashes all the time.

I feel like I've tried every mascara out there that claims to make your lashes look like false lashes, but they all seem to flake into my eyes eventually, so that wouldn't cut it. It seemed the only way to achieve the look I want more permanently is to either get lash extensions or try out an eyelash serum like my twin sister, Samantha, but I'm way too much of a wimp to test out either. I've heard horror stories of lash extensions causing awful reactions, or making you lose a ton of your real lashes, and since I just had LASIK recently, I don't want to risk any negative reactions while my eyes are still healing. And the possibility of a lash serum changing my eye color is also something that I really don't want to risk.

Since it seems my only option is false lashes, I've gathered a variety of a mink lashes that create the look of dramatic-yet-natural-looking lash extensions, but without the commitment.

But first...

Here we have my sad, pathetic, little natural lashes with just a few coats of my current favorite mascara: Tarte Lights Camera, Lashes.

I came across Lilly Lashes when I was looking up images of Kylie Jenner's lashes. I think she usually has lash extensions, but I found an image of her wearing Lilly Lashes' Miami lashes and I thought to myself, I NEED THOSE. THEY LOOK JUST LIKE LASH EXTENSIONS. And I ended up loving several Lilly Lashes designs.

First up: Lilly Lashes' Goddess. These seem to be the most natural looking lashes of the Lilly bunch. They're light and fluffy and easy to wear. They're definitely a lot longer than my natural lashes, just not as full as I would usually prefer. But they're definitely nice for the person who prefers length over density.

The Diamonds set is still on the more natural side, but these are a little more uniform and denser than the Goddess lashes. They're definitely a cute option for a lighter look.

These are the Miami set that Kylie Jenner has worn. They're definitely more dramatic than the Goddess and Diamonds lashes, but they're still light enough that they could pass for a more natural look — albeit a bit more dramatic than your usual natural look. I really love the fluffiness of them and the less uniform look. Definitely one of my favorites.

The Mykonos set is by far my favorite — and not just out of the Lilly Lashes. I mean out of all the lashes I've ever worn. Ever.

They're definitely the most dramatic out of the brand's picks, but I think that's more my style. Honestly, if I had to choose only one pair of lashes for the rest of my life they would be these. Hands down. I love how fluffy and dense they are. To me, they look exactly how I would want my lash extensions to look, if I ever have the guts to get lash extensions.

Now for the Nubounsom lashes! If you haven't noticed yet, every beauty blogger and makeup artist seems to be wearing them, especially on Instagram. AND GUESS WHAT: I got us a deal on them for 20% off! All you have to do to get the discount is use the code kristinajmua at the checkout! BAM! You're welcome, friends.

The Bombay lashes are beautiful and wispy. I like that the lashes are somewhat separated for a lighter look. Definitely good to have on-hand for a more natural finish.

The Bella lashes are probably my favorite of the three Nubounsom lashes I own because they're so dense and fluffy. They're similar to my all time favorites, the Mykonos by Lilly, but they're just a bit spikier.

Last but certainly not least are the Dragon Li lashes. These are a different shape of lash than I usually prefer as they're the fullest on the ends. Usually I stick with lashes that are fullest in the middle, but after seeing these on a few people and loving the look, I decided to try them myself. They're definitely a great option if you prefer a more winged-out lash.

Are you still with me? I know it was A LOT of options, but better to see a variety than just one kind, amirite? I can't recommend any of them enough. Especially the Mykonos. Seriously. I LOVE THEM.

All of these lashes should last you a while if you take care of them. I'm talking 20 to 25 wears at least (except for Lilly Lashes Goddess and Diamonds lashes - they only claim to last 10-12 wears). So that means you shouldn't use mascara on them, but if you do get some on them and you need to clean them just gently use a Q-tip with a little bit of warm water (no makeup remover!) and slowly go down the natural curve of the lash to remove any makeup. When you're not wearing them, keep them safe in their box.

By the way, there's some controversy over mink lashes. First of all, some say that many companies selling mink lashes are really selling synthetic lashes if they're not very expensive; secondly, others say that real mink lashes, although supposedly harvested just by brushing a living mink, aren't truly cruelty-free. Ultimately, it's your call on if you're comfortable purchasing mink, or so-called mink, lashes.

  • How often do you wear false lashes?
  • How do you feel about the whole mink thing?