The Old School Lip Plumper That REALLY Works

Remember that lip plumper you loved in middle school? It’s still the bomb.
Publish date:
March 5, 2015
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Seemingly all at once, all the “cool” girls in seventh grade began carrying around tiny pink tubes of DuWop Lip Venom, which they slathered obsessively--and a bit disgustingly--all over their lips in between classes.

Although I’m older and wiser, and truly couldn’t give a damn about which products will help me fit in, I decided to give the lip plumping gloss another test run for old time’s sake.

The Original Lip Venom

Looking back, I have no idea why this stuff felt so uncomfortable to me. Yeah, it tingles a little, but it's not excruciating. I actually kind of enjoyed the feeling, as if it were screaming, “Hey, this stuff is working!”

That said, the results are no joke. Friends have (kindly) described my lips as “juicy.” But Lip Venom took my kisser to a whole new level.

Within minutes, my mouth looked dramatically bee stung, thanks to cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger oil, which force blood to the lips for a plump effect.

Plus, I noticed a result that I missed back in middle school: the blood rush also caused my lips to turn a gorgeous, rosy pink. This effect, I was pleased to see, even remained a few hours after I removed the gloss.

Pretty quickly, it occurred to me that DuWop had to have come out with new versions of Venom since I was 13.

After a quick scroll through their website, I excitedly put the Venom Rocks! trio of tinted Lip Venom in my shopping cart. In the set: Garnet, a sheer berry with gold sparkles; Pink Quartz, a gold-bedazzled, translucent bubblegum pink; and Amethyst, a clear lavender with a little silver glitz.

The trio stung significantly less than the original Venom, so I expected them to be less effective at plumping.

But that was not so at all. And while I adored the deep, ruby result of Garnet, I found Pink Quartz and Amethyst to be a little underwhelming. Truth be told, they only altered my lip color slightly. I think DuWop would have a much better shot at returning to relevance if they'd develop formulas that aren't only insanely effective plumpers, but also highly pigmented.

Moral of the story: Lip Venom is absolutely killer in terms of fattening up lips, but unless you’re purchasing a vivid shade like Garnet, you might as well stick to the original.

Now: gimme your lip plumping history!

  • Did you try Lip Venom way back when?
  • What are your favorite lip plumpers?
  • Any other old-school beauty products you love just as much today?