The Mascaras and Techniques You Need to Try If You Want the Longest-Looking Lashes of Your Life

Because lash extensions and falsies aren't always an option.

The grass is always greener, my friends, and although I've got a lot of lashes, I wish they were super-long and chic without having to get lash extensions or wearing falsies every day.

I've been testing mascaras and techniques for getting my lashes to look as long as possible for a literal month now, so come and gain some knowledge from my month-long lash-a-thon.

First, we must start with choosing the mascara.

You know what's dedication to your craft? Taking minute, detailed notes on every aspect of your mascara. I was a touch obsessed when I was testing mascaras for this article, so you can know that these are the very best ones I've found for getting the longest lashes.

In general, what you want to look for is a super-skinny brush with somewhat short bristles. This will give you the best control.

So, without further ado, here are my top mascara recommendations.

The mascara I'll be using for the tutorial further down the article is the Flower Outstretched Lengthening Mascara. This has been a favorite lately because of the flat, toothed end that allows you to really precisely comb through your lashes and deposit only as much mascara as you want.

Touch In Sol Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara is another good choice. This super-skinny brush really allows you to get down to the roots while the bristles give a feathery effect. The mascara for this one is almost sticky, which allows you to play with your lashes and get them separated before it dries down.

Eyeko Lengthening Skinny Brush Mascara gives a cool look to your lashes. Not only is the little brush helpful for precise mascara-ing but, the bristles are twisted around the brush. This looks pretty cool, sure, but it also gives you a really interesting clumped effect. It gathers your lashes together and lengthens them out while giving a low-key spidery look.

From VMV Hypoallergenics comes Ooh-La-Lash, which is by far and away the teeniest of them all. Looks may be deceiving on this one because I chose to hold it like a total weirdo in the photo, and I also have tiny baby hands, but this mascara tube is as skinny as my little fingers and houses a tiny brush to boot.

If you want a lot of length but not much in the way of volume look to the Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions mascara. This mascara comes with little fibers in the paint that adhere to your lashes and literally make them longer by adding to them.

And if you really want to go HAM on the fiber extensions (I'm all for it — they look more natural than false lashes) try a fiber mascara kit. The Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit comes with a fiber tube that you can apply to your post-mascara'd lashes to add length. Don't be a dumb like me and try to apply the fibers before the mascara because you'll be aggressively blinking them out of your eyeballs for hours to come. (Don't say I didn't warn you.)

So now that you know what you are looking for, its time to get on with the tutorial.

I was blessed with pretty good lashes to begin with. I've got a lot of them (pardon my own horn-tooting here) but look! They pretty much stick straight out of my eyes so they can totally disappear without assistance.

First things first: curl dem lashes. You want to get the bend as close to the root as possible and leave it there. If you do a bunch of curls down the whole length of your lashes, they will be too curly to look long unless you have naturally crazy-long lashes to begin with, but then why are you here? You don't need my help with your already long fabulous lashes.

When your lashes are freshly curled, get your mascara and take off maybe half the product that ends up on the brush. If you have too much on it can get gloppy pretty quickly, so less is best to start.

Once you've got just enough mascara on the wand, wiggle it right into the roots. This makes your lashes look thicker because it darkens the lash line, but it also helps to hold that curl in place. For the best curl hold, look for waterproof mascara; it will hold more wax and help keep your lashes in place.

When you've gotten your roots done, slowly and gently pull the mascara through to the ends. I then like to go straight over the tips to apply more mascara, which helps to lengthen them. If you want to use lash fibers, now is the time while the mascara is wet.

I brush out any major clumps to keep my lashes looking as fluttery and long as possible.

Look at zee difference. It's major, and all you need to do is switch up your formula and tweak the application.

  • Are you into long lashes or voluminous?
  • How about falsies?
  • Any lash fiber stories? Because the first time I tried it I literally blinked out the fibers for a good six hours.