The Best Gray Lipstick I've Found

Turns out I only need one shade of gray.
Publish date:
March 16, 2015
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Whether or not a lipstick shade is "wearable" doesn't cross my mind when I'm at the beauty counter. Wearable just means you can put it on your lips without any flaking or burning, right?

This brings me to my current favorite lip color, GRAY.

It started with Styled In Sepia, a grayed out brown shade by MAC. It was a limited edition release, so of course I didn't hear about it until it was sold out. Eventually I tracked it down at Nordstrom and used a convoluted mail-forwarding system to get it to me here in New Zealand. This is not useful for you guys, I know, but that's OK because this article is really about an even more awesome, even more gray lipstick.

Styled In Sepia is a good gateway drug gray, because up against real gray lipsticks, it's still pretty warm-toned.

Enter Limnit Lipsticks, an indie (and btw vegan) lipstick company based in Virginia. I've always been hesitant to buy indie makeup, for a bunch of reasons: concerns about sanitary production environments and a distaste for homemade-looking packaging being the operative ones. Limnit allayed my fears right away with a dope, bold logo and the utmost professionalism.

Limnit makes a bunch of unconventional lipstick colors, including Goodness Graycious, the true gray of my dreams.

The lipsticks come in little pots, so you do need to use a lip brush. Honestly, I would apply any bolder lip color with a lip brush anyway, because I'm a big fan of a crisp lip line. And if you're only spending $5 on your lip color, you can afford a lip brush.

Swatched against Styled In Sepia, Goodness Graycious looks positively purple, and it can look that way on some skin tones. But on my lips I think it reads gray.

I know what you're thinking, "Gray lipstick is going to make me look dead."

I mean, maybe, if you're lying down motionless with your eyes half-open. That's what blush is for! And Goodness Graycious, as gray as it is, still holds a bit of warmth in its undertones.

  • What do you think about gray lipstick? Would you wear it?
  • And how do you feel about indie makeup, like, the real small biz stuff on Etsy?