How Makeup Is Helping Me Choose My New Glasses, Plus COTW!

I'm the WORST at making decisions, so please give me your opinion!
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November 21, 2015
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I've had the same pair of Warby Parker glasses for a few years now (the Webb glasses, pictured below), so I'm more than ready to switch things up a bit. I'm sticking with Warby Parker for my new glasses‚not because I'm affiliated with or sponsored by them in any way, but because I just really like them. It helps that they have a five day at-home trial period during which you can try out five different frames.

I've been struggling to choose a favorite pair all week, but I think I've narrowed it down by considering how I usually like to wear makeup and which frames complement that best.

My old pair isn't exactly small, but they don't do a great job of showing off a cat-eye, which I've been breaking out a lot lately. And if you can't see the cat-eye when I'm wearing glasses, then those 20... I mean... five minutes of frustration are totally wasted.

So here are the five frames I'm considering, pictured below in this order: the Jennings, the Durand, the Finch, the Chelsea, and the Baker. Feel free to cast your vote for your favorite in the comments. You can tell which ones are my favorites because they're the ones that I felt deserved red lipstick.

Now it's time for your Comments of the Week!

1. "sybilvain" is all of us trying to convince Rosario Dawson to wear red lipstick:

Is Rosario Dawson ever in LA? Can I take her red lipstick shopping? This is a Brain Problem, Rosario! Let's get you some Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red!

2. "EmC" made the pun of the week in Danielle's moving article. Well done.

"I’m extraordinarily scent-sensitive" don't you mean... scentsitive?

3. I really don't think "Unruhly" should be embarrassed; who among us does not have a weakness for shimmery beauty products?

When I'm a rich lady I'm going to raid Aquarian Soul and have all of the woo infused skin products. Their brand just speaks to me in a very embarrassing way.

4. I agree with "Vi Huynh" about these cheap exfoliating pads (I've neglected to use them lately and now my legs are all bumpy) and am now convinced that I need to try her HG pads:

Stridex pads are also really great for keratosis pilaris and in-growns! When I was using them religiously for my body, my bumpy arms and calves really saw improvement! But the serious HOLY GRAIL exfoliating pad is Nip/Fab's glycolic version. It's the only thing that keeps acne at bay and gives me any sort of glow. Would recommend to everyone and their mother and their mother's mother!

5. I also agree with "Noa" that of all the curly-haired goddesses (of which there are many), I really, really coveted this girl's hair the most:

There are a LOT of babes in here, but I always thought Helena Bonham Carter's curls in A Room With A View were perfect.

  • Did you choose your glasses based on how they would look with your makeup?
  • Or do you adjust your makeup to suit your glasses?
  • Be honest: which pair of glasses should I get? And which do you totally hate? Should I just order another five pairs for another round of test-driving? (Seriously, do not let me do that.)