The Only 2 Eye Shadow Blending Brushes You Need

I use these brushes to blend, blend, blend!

It’s no secret that I am in love with eye shadow. My favorite posts to write for xoVain are makeup tutorials, because they give me the opportunity to play with different color combos and to continue improving my blending. Readers have asked me quite a few times to do a blending tutorial; for me, the key is in the tools I use.

Here are the two brushes that keep my blending game on 100.

I use this brush to apply color to and blend out my crease shadows. What I like about it is that it is super soft and has very densely packed bristles, making it ideal for the crease area.

I apply shadow by dipping the brush in the pigment, tapping it into the outer part of my crease, and then carefully working the brush back and forth in that crease area, bringing some of the shadow further toward my inner corner. This gives me nice definition without appearing too harsh.

The entire kit is less than $10, but I'd pay that for the shading brush alone (especially since it's not sold outside of the kit). I use this brush to apply a transition shade between my crease and my brow bone highlight shade.

I apply by sweeping it across my chosen shade and then working back and forth in windshield wiper motions, from the crease up to just below the brow bone. The bristles on this brush are not as dense, but the more fanned out shape helps cut down on harsh lines. Without exception, I use this brush every day, even when I'm just sweeping on a light wash of color for a softer look.

Without a doubt, these two affordable brushes have been my secret weapons for blending eye shadow like a boss.

  • What are your shadow blending secrets?
  • How many brushes do you use to apply your eye shadow?
  • Tell me about all of your favorite cheapie brushes in the comments~