The 4 Best Drugstore Tubing Mascaras

Crazy long lashes that never smudge or flake for under $10? GET IN MY LIFE.
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November 26, 2014
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Tubing mascara is no longer new, but many people have yet to try it. Instead of the usual oil and wax formulas, tubing mascara is made up of a polymer formula that wraps around each lash, extending the length.

This kind of mascara is perfect for those who have sensitive eyes or wear contacts, or just anybody who constantly has issues with their mascara smudging and flaking throughout the day. It’s also ideal if you struggle to remove your mascara at night, as the tubes swell up and wash off with warm water.

Though tubing mascaras first hit the scene via Blinc and various prestige brands, today they're easily found at the drugstore. Here are my four favorites.

The Blackest: NYX Cosmetics Doll Eye Long Lash Mascara

This one has a somewhat thick formula, which can make it slightly tricky to work with. You have to be careful not to get your lashes clumped together into thick spikes. However, if you apply it carefully you’ll get astonishingly long lashes that actually hold a curl. This mascara particularly makes lashes stand out with its intense blackness. By concentrating on the base of my lashes, I could make it look like I was wearing eyeliner when I wasn’t.

With this mascara you can literally see yourself extending the length of your lashes. However, it’s not the easiest one to work with because there’s two steps and you have to be quick. First you apply the white base coat to prime and nourish your lashes.

Then you have to work quickly to add the black “beauty tubes” (their phrase) before the white base dries. If you’re too slow, it’s clump city. If you do it right, your reward is ridiculously long, defined eyelashes that won’t smudge all day and will wash right off with warm water.

This one also wins the award for longest name. Anyway, when I talk about this mascara’s volume what I really mean is that it makes my eyelashes look fluffy. Fluffy eyelashes are usually impossible for me to achieve without clumps or using falsies. But this formula coats every single lash without clumping them together, in addition to giving tons of added length.

Don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get plenty of length with this mascara, but it’s the kind that will have people complimenting you on your naturally long lashes. I suggest that you just flutter your eyelashes and accept the compliments because they won’t believe it’s mascara. I’m impressed that Ulta put out their own fiber mascara that can hold its own with brands like L’Oreal. Plus, it’s on sale for $5 (half off!) right now.

As for washing each of these off, for the L’Oreal and the NYX mascaras it was a cinch. I simply wiped my eyes with some warm water and then wiped off any excess fibers with a washcloth. There was nothing left behind. The Ulta and CoverGirl mascaras left a little dark residue around my eyes after removing them, but nothing a bit of coconut oil can’t handle.

I also had zero problems with smudging or flaking with any of these tube mascaras, although be warned: if you fall asleep with them on, especially the L’Oreal, you’ll wake up with crooked, wonky lashes. No panda eyes, though!

  • Have you tried tubing mascara?
  • What’s your favorite tubing mascara, whether high-end or drugstore?

Photos by Joshua Kirby