Hi, My Name Is Tynan and These Are My Favorite Underrated Matte Lipsticks Under $6

Why is no one else freaking out about these awesome (and awesomely cheap) mattes?
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August 22, 2016
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Hey! Um, hi. So, I'm going to be writing for xoVain now, which I feel, in some ways, has been a long time coming. I'm a huge fan of this site and the people on it, and I'm so happy to be a part of it now, too. I'm finally a Vain Girl.

OMG, do you guys wanna know something funny? Back when Vain launched, they told me I had to stay over on Jane because I was — what was it? Too "edgy" for Vain. LOL. I can guarantee that there is nothing about me that is "edgy" — I think it's just because I said "fuck" too much. But now I'm here and I CAN SAY WHATEVER I WANT.

Anyway, this li'l change is a pretty last-minute. Had I known, I would have gotten my act together and crafted myself a big Vain ~debut~ to really show that I did not come to fuck around. But, this is just as much of a pleasant surprise to you as it is to me, so we're just gonna talk about my favorite affordable matte lipsticks.

I know matte lips have been trending for a while now, but I have to say that all of that aside, a matte lip is still my favorite type of lip. The pendulum has clearly begun to swing the other way, since everyone is putting out new lip glosses, but I'll keep a tight grip on my favorite matte lipsticks and let you all have your fun with slippery, shiny glosses. Here are my favorites mattes for the price of a beer.

ColourPop Matte X Lippie Stix

Have you tried ColourPop's Matte X formula? It's different than their regular matte Stix formula, which is good, but these are better. So much better. They sent them my way before they launched a few months ago and I was like "cute," but then I tried them on, and that's when I started paying attention.

I think I haven't written about them yet because I'm trying to come to terms with calling them my favorite matte lipstick. That's a big claim, but as soon as I swiped them across my lips and then saw how they wore for the rest of the day, it's what I've been thinking, so maybe I should just call it what it is.

They glide on buttery-smooth, no drag, leaving a dense, pigmented trail of color behind. They feel soft on your lips, with no drying or patchiness, even after hours of wear. They're cushiony, comfortable, and an all-around joy to wear.

My favorite shades in the Matte X collection are Cami and Climax.

Cami is a pink-mauve-nude-brown situation. It's gorgeous — I put on and I gasped. I know these pink-nude-browns are hot right now, but this one hits the nail on the head, and trends aside, it's just beautiful.

Climax is a bright violet-blue.

It's a great take on blue, and a welcome departure from the straight royal blue lip. One of ColourPop's biggest strengths aside from their price point is their library of colors. The shades are nuanced, specific, different enough to stand alone from everything else on the market, even if, and maybe especially, when it comes to nudes and reds. And blues.

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lip Color

I mean, $1.99. Are these the best formula you're going to get in the drugstore? Nah, that's Maybelline, in my opinion. But, the quality for that price? They're worth checking out.

My summer has been wild. I've been traveling nonstop and packing a beauty bag is almost futile, because no matter how well I plan, I never have what I'm actually going to need. I either pack too much and yet somehow am still missing that shade or product that I really wanted, OR throw caution to the wind, pack light ("light") and end up regretting it.

That's why a drugstore clutch product is so valuable. It's always going to be there for you, and you snatch them up last-minute. Chances are, you'll probably be closer to a CVS than a MAC counter at any given time anyway.

I was running through the drugstore a week or two ago, and for some reason, these jumped out at me. I didn't expect much, but a two-dollar matte lipstick isn't something I'm not going to try. I grabbed In the Flesh and Vamp It Up, which are essentially the Wet n Wild versions of the ColourPop shades above. I know what I like.

This isn't a "They're two dollars, but..." situation. They're actually pretty impressive. I'd actually say they're more of a demi-matte than a true matte, as there is a little bit of sheen to them as you can see below. They've got a bit of grip, so you have to pay attention during application to make sure you get a crisp line, especially if you're going commando and using these sans-liner.

But look at the color payoff:

Vamp It Up, a burnt-out blackberry, was surprisingly easy to build up and get a nice, even layer of color.

In the Flesh is a really pretty terra-cotta nude with a hint of pink.

Everyone needs a secret weapon that's available to them at any time, and these are mine. These babies are available in 26 shades, so there will be one to match every outfit and beauty look you're trying to pull off.

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