Beauty Inspiration On Instagram: 3 Looks To Try

Recreating a handful of my favorite beauty “likes” of late.
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November 5, 2014
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Whenever I fall into a beauty rut, I generally find myself double-tapping countless random Instagrams from girls I have never and probably will never meet. Despite its intolerance for all-caps usernames, Instagram is a great creep-portal for spying on exes, spying on potential future exes, and of course, admiring the style and beauty of strangers. I’ve tapped "follow" on quite a few random accounts: feeds filled with attractive selfies, cute animals, and/or envious travel documentation.

This fall I'm looking to Instagram to inform my makeup choices. Here are a handful of my favorite beauty “likes” of late.

Graphic White Eyeliner Via @connectedtofashion

I found this stark white cat-eye while searching #whiteeyeliner looks one day. White eyeliner as a statement eye look is generally pretty editorial and looks so stark IRL, but I loved how this eye was swept with a cool, shimmery taupe shadow with the white swoop on top. Very ethereal yet graphic at the same time, kind of like the future as interpreted by the 90s.

I did the same thing, brushing the #2 shade in Vincent Longo’s Untitled Eye Shadow Trio all over my upper lip and above the crease, as well as on my lower lash line. I used Prestige Liquid Liner in Pop Star for the cat-eye. So fast, so simple--it’s like the Hot Pockets of eye makeup!

Gold-Rimmed Eyes Via @isabelarcelia

I don’t know Isabel IRL, but we have a couple mutual friends. Mostly, I am envious of her naturally straight eyebrows and haircut, which my hair will never do without much chemical coaxing. The gold accent shadow Isabel is wearing is probably emphasized via the natural contrast of a self-facing iPhone, but the pop of bright yellow-gold caught my eye .(She told me she used Sephora's cream shadow crayon for the brown, and a Stila palette for the gold shadow).

I went a bit subtler, using Vincent Longo #3 shadow in the Untitled trio to line both lash lines. Then I dabbed some of Longo's Golden Orbit Crème Gel Eyeliner in both corners of my eyes, as well as the lower lash line. I finished with black mascara--and now I am this much closer to Single-White-Female-ing a person that I only know on social media!


I’ve seen this image all over Instagram, so much so that I’m not positive who the actual source is, though I have seen it many times with linked. But what a brilliant way to conceal under-eye circles. Just cover them with tiny holographic plates. Practicality be damned!

For my take, I mixed MAC 3D Glitter in 3D Platinum and 3D Pale Mint into some Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and dabbed it lightly under each eye, canvasing down to my cheeks. This is pretty much the opposite of football under-eye war paint, so it reflects light into my eyes, making me look like I've used some squinty fairy filter. If my YSL Touche Eclat ever runs dry, I’ll know I can just reach for the glitter and face paste.

  • What are some good Instagram-spiration accounts that you guys follow?
  • Are you a habitual beauty lurker, too? Well, I have made some real-life friends via Instagram so I really don't feel too bad about it!