The Best and Worst Beauty Products YouTube Made Me Buy

They can't all be winners...

Like Morgan, YouTube has become one of my favorite places to check for product recommendations. Once I’ve found a channel I like, I’ll often pick up products mentioned based on the reviews given, and I've become a big fan of the brands Makeup Geek, Morphe Brushes, and ColourPop as a result.

Over time, however, I’ve come across a lot of hits and a few misses based on these YouTube reviews.

Makeup Geek

Best: Makeup Geek Eyeshadow

When Marlena of Makeup Geek launched her own cosmetics brand, I was definitely interested in checking it out. I waited to see what the YouTube world at large thought, and after hearing multiple rave reviews and favorable comparisons to MAC shadows, I decided to go ahead a purchase some of my own.

I was immediately impressed with how pigmented and smooth the eyeshadows are and how consistent the quality was across the different finishes as well. I have a ton of eyeshadow and palettes and although I use other brands, Makeup Geek definitely dominates mighty stash.

Worst: Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow

With as much as I love the regular shadows, I thought for sure these shadows would be right up there with them. Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed.

While they are beautifully pigmented and smooth, I found that you have to really layer on the primer to keep them from creasing. I don’t know if this is just because my lids are oily and the pigment in these is held together with oil or if that is an issue for normal/dry lids as well, but even with primer, the shadow travels up into other shadows.

Overall, I can make them work and they definitely stand out; I was just not impressed, especially given that they are more expensive than the regular shadows.

Morphe Brushes

Best: Morphe Brushes Makeup Brushes

I have a decent mix of high and low end brushes, but Morphe definitely has some of my favorites. I have a total of eight different types of brushes from them and all of them are soft, perform well, and don’t shed excessively.

Worst: Morphe Brushes Matte Eye Shadows

At $2 a pan, Morphe shadows are a pretty decent deal, and I like the shimmer/metallic shades well enough. The matte shades, however, are pretty chalky, hard to blend, and not very pigmented. It's a shame because I think the other finishes are a good value, and it would have been nice to see that quality extend into matte shades.


Best: Mostly everything

I am in LOVE with ColourPop Blushes, Lippie Stix and Pencils, and most of their shadows. All of the products apply easily, are well-packaged, and wear really well all day. Additionally the price point is excellent: $5 for everything except blushes and (new) highlighters and bronzers, which are $8.

Worst: ColourPop Matte Shadows

Of all the ColourPop offerings, these are the most disappointing. The pigmentations are not as intense as the other shadows, and they are very difficult to apply blend. I find that I have to fill in patches where the color drags, and it ends up looking a bit chunky at times.

  • What YouTube gurus are the most likely to “talk” you into buying something?
  • What are your best and worst “YouTube made me do it” experiences?
  • What other places do you go to find reviews on products you’re interested in?

Homepage image: ColourPop