Ranking Five Black Lipsticks, From #Nope To Yes, Please

Publish date:
November 17, 2014
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I’m no stranger to a bold lip, but since Sable’s article on wearing black lipstick, I’ve been obsessing over finding the perfect one. I dipped my toe in the water a little bit before Halloween, which led me to finding five black lipstick options to share with you guys.

Here they are, arranged from #Nope to Yes, Please.

When looking for a solid black lipstick, Kat Von D is a brand that immediately comes to mind. Despite this lipstick being quite popular, it was my least favorite on the list. It is a matte lipstick that's on the drier side, which makes it a bit difficult to apply evenly. Once you’ve got it on, though, it’s a nice matte black and definitely stays put. I didn’t even need a liner for this one.

MOST LIKELY TO FEATHER: Manic Panic Lipstick In Raven

Manic Panic is the cult favorite when it comes to wild shades, so I knew I had to give Raven a whirl. The formula feels pretty comfortable on the lips, and it has a satin finish, leaning slightly toward matte. It takes a slight effort to build this up to full opacity, though, which I found surprising. I would wear a liner with this one, since it feathered ever so slightly on its own.

CLOSE, BUT NOT QUITE: Graftobian Make-Up Company Lipstick In Black

Graftobian Make-Up Company specializes in professional and stage makeup, so I was not surprised to find that this lipstick was pretty opaque from the first swipe, comfortable to wear, and long lasting. If I have any complaints, it’s that the packaging seems cheap (my lipstick got smashed against the lip of the tube) and it smells a little like plastic.

DIGGING IT: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense In Satin Black

Not surprisingly, this was one of the best options of the bunch. I’ve never purchased anything from Make Up For Ever before, and I’ve obviously been missing out. The formula on this is amazing; very smooth and creamy, non-drying, and very opaque. The finish is almost a touch glossy, without being too shiny. Another aspect I liked is that the black has an almost purple undertone, giving this shade a beautiful depth.

YES, PLEASE: Portland Black Lipstick Company In Black

This reader-recommended underdog of a lipstick was hands down my favorite of the bunch. It is seriously the smoothest, most balm-like lipstick that I have ever tried. What I especially love about it is that it is the blackest black you will ever see and super opaque. I swatched all of the lipsticks together (see below), and although they photograph similarly, I used just one swipe of this lipstick verses multiple swipes of all the other lipsticks. It is also super long wearing. Prepare to do some work to get it off, because it’s not budging. I also love that the finish is a true satin and it has a hint of mint scent. My only minor complaint (and I’m seriously grasping here) is that it’s in a balm-style tube, so you have to take a little extra care when applying. If you want a quality black lipstick, GO BUY THIS NOW!

  • Are you guys feeling the dark power lip?
  • Have you ever? You definitely should.
  • What are your go-to black lipsticks?