Lipstick-Obsessed? You NEED These Historically Accurate Colors

Bésame is a small-screen staple for retro lipstick looks, and now they're a staple in my makeup bag.
Publish date:
August 13, 2015
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You might not even know it, but you’ve already seen Bésame Cosmetics everywhere.

When makeup artists in film or TV need a guaranteed historical match, they know where to go. I bet you’ve caught a glimpse of a Bésame Classic Color Lipstick's gold bullet and not even known it!

American Horror Story has featured Jessica Lange applying Bésame lipsticks onscreen in various seasons, on Agent Carter, Peggy Carter is seen wearing her signature (and historically accurate) 1946 red, Red Velvet.

If you’re serious about collecting lipsticks, Bésame Cosmetics is to die for. From the vintage-inspired packaging to the pigment-rich formulas, it’s a no-brainer. I mean, look how perfectly it would fit in with my vintage lingerie!

Red Hot Red 1959

Red Hot Red 1959 is a warm, semi-matte red. You might have noticed it as my current favourite lipstick.

At first swipe, I was seriously taken aback by how pigmented this lipstick really is. Bésame claims one-swipe coverage, and they aren’t fooling around.

The bullet is smaller than your standard tube, but the fact that this doesn’t need nearly as much reapplying as any other lipstick puts it right up there with Ruby Woo in terms of must-have reds. Plus, it’s a spot-on recreation of Marilyn Monroe’s favourite red. How can you beat that?

Tango Red (1930)

Tango Red 1930 is a semi-matte orange-red replica of a colour popular in the 1930s. If you’re into orangey reds, this is definitely something you need to check out!

Bright but not too orange, this colour is super flattering on a wide range of skin tones.

Noir Red 1930

Featured in their Gatsby collection, this deep plum semi-matte lipstick is great for fall.

Noir Red 1930 is mad dark—definitely for someone who isn’t afraid of a bold lip or gothy vibes. If you really want to go with the vintage theme, create a very overdrawn, heart-shape top lip.

  • Do you collect fancy lipsticks like a fiend too?
  • Which one is your favourite?