These Peel-Off Lip Stains from Korea Are Kind of Gross — But Effective

If you like peeling stuff off your face and color that lasts, this one’s for you.
Publish date:
March 7, 2016
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I wish I could be one of those people who are wary of gimmicky products. Vibrating mascara? What's the point? Color-changing blush? Give me a break.

Nah, I love a good gimmick, and when it comes to makeup, I can't resist. But even I know that while the novelty of a gimmick can be enticing, the actual performance of a product can be pretty lacklustre.

There are exceptions to this rule, which is what I usually tell myself after purchasing yet another mood lipstick that looks just as unflattering as my last five.

Enter: Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint, a lip stain you apply and then literally peel off your lips.

Is it just another gimmick that appeals to my desire to peel all of the things? Let's find out!

Some tips: Prep your lips before applying. A lip scrub and some balm will go a long way. The stain isn't exactly the most forgiving and will accentuate drier areas with darker color.

My color was still a bit patchy because I skipped the lip scrub (do as I write, not as I do). This color isn’t exactly my favourite — I prefer lipsticks with a hint of brown — but as far as staining goes, this stuff lasts and lasts. Unless you've got some makeup remover on hand, this lip color will get you through meals and boring work meetings.

The darker shades come out a lot more vibrant than the lighter ones, and generally, all the colors look more like you’ve eaten a popsicle rather than applied a lip product.

Overall, at six bucks a pop, Berissom Oops My Lip Tint is worth a try. I definitely like the idea of having a little all-day color on my lips without having to worry about smudging or reapplying.