Benefit's New They're Real Push-Up Liner Looks Weird, But Is Awesome

It's a gel-liquid hybrid with a lash-hugging rubber tip that makes application easy-peasy.
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May 28, 2014
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Ask any woman who's dabbled in the world of cosmetics about her eyeliner experiences and you'll likely receive a huffy reply complete with fists-shaking-at-the-gods. The truth of the matter is that eyeliner is downright hard to apply. I'll be the first to admit that I've collapsed into a melodramatic pile on the bathroom floor after a particularly rough application session. Based on my conversations with girlfriends and other women on beauty forums, I know I'm not alone, either.

The absolute worst is when you perfect one eye, get excited and then move onto the other only to screw that one up. Naturally, you do your best to make it look good, then go back to your perfectly lined eye and mess that one up in an attempt to make it match the other. Been there? I thought so.

The crusade against subpar eyeliners is an ongoing one, but after five years of research and product testing, Benefit Cosmetics has come out with a product they claim will revolutionize the cosmetic industry. Meet Benefit's They're Real Push-Up Liner.

This wacky-looking liner features a unique rubber tip that they've dubbed the "AccuFlex." The fancy-pants tip promises to hug your lash line for an easier application and a smoother, more even finish.

They're Real Push-Up Liner is also unique because it uses a gel formula inside a pen instead of liquid, which gives you more wiggle room to work with the product. The gel is super, super dark and has the all-day lasting power of a liquid liner.

As someone who's not necessarily good at applying eyeliner, I figured I'd give this one a go to see if it actually minimized my theatrical bathroom meltdowns. The pictures I'm showing you today are from the second time I used the product.

Let's start with a before shot. Here's what my lash line looks like sans-liner.

To apply, allow the fat part of the rubber tip to rest against your lash line. Then, just like you would a pen, drag it across your lash line in short strokes. To prevent bumps and jagged edges, it helps to stretch your eyelid taught with your free hand.

My first thought when applying was that it was a weird tool. It's definitely different from any other eyeliner I've ever used, but I didn't let that stop me from trying it out; it definitely lives up to its promise of hugging the lash line.

What I appreciate most about the liner is that it makes applying a super thick, dramatic, '60s-ish cat eye a two-minute process. Because the tip is already angled, you can easily create your wing and then fill in the gap across your eye.

And it does stay put--even when you're outside in the 90-degree heat sipping sangria all day, as I discovered.

I also tried a thinner line that was more "everyday" appropriate. Again, easy peasy.

My verdict on this new product? If you've given up on liquid or gel eyeliners, try this one out before completely calling it quits. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to get the hang of, no matter how intimidating the design may appear.

They're Real Push-Up Liner will be available at the end of June, but you can click here to get early access.

What's the most revolutionary eyeliner you've ever tried?